Saturday, October 24, 2015

Stitching from Stash - October

Even with a retreat attended, I stayed within budget!   I really surprised myself.  I am not sure if it is this challenge, my desire to downsize or what but I am really thinking of what I have in my stash before I buy something new.  Not only that I am trying to be realistic about when I will stitch and finish a project versus buying it because I like it.  We all know we have stash to last us well beyond life expectancy but enough.  We all are tempted by new patterns, new floss that is still pristine and shiny buttons and beads.   I am really thinking about each project before I buy it - when will I do it, will I still like it then.   Very little is hitting that "I can't live without it" least this week.  LOL

September Carry Forward - $95.00
Allotment for October - $25.00
Credit for October - $6.00
Spent in October - $33.58

Balance - $92.42

Finishes in October

Pining to Stitch Biscournu
Hands on design scissors fob

All that 'buy only what you need' resolve and I am off antiquing for the day with a girlfriend or two.   I wonder if that buy it only if you need it will apply to consignment and antique shop finds.   


Sally said...

Well done on your Stitch from Stash for October. I think you did great considering you went to a retreat!

Karen said...

Ah yes, the stash to last two lifetimes. I do find that some of the kits etc I bought years ago have lost some of their lustre..and thus may never get done. Tastes change.

Would love to see photos of your finishes.