Saturday, March 19, 2016

Shower Central

and I am not talking about the weather.....whew!  What a good job done.   The shower is two weeks from today but next weekend I am traveling so I had to get it done.  Nothing like a deadline to help you put it in high gear.

I made this clothes line as part of my decorations....I was going to wait and hang this up the morning of the shower after banishing my d-in-l from the house but I said - Hells Bells! (might actually be a quote) I've got too much to do setting up and putting out the food to have to mess with it.

My first attempt at chocolate covered pretzels.   We looked it up on You Tube and got some good pointers.  It wasn't bad and I took a stab at it after everyone left and managed with no mess at all.   Which was not the case earlier with all the slips and snips of paper and ribbon everywhere.  Start to finish under an to put them in their bags.

 I got playing cards with personalized cases for favors.   But of course, I had to go above and beyond and made 'hospital bracelets' for each deck.  My sister did a bang-up job putting them on.

And these are just too flipping adorable!   I used card stock I had on hand, bought the little bling circles, used ribbon I had and I was off to the races.   This could be adapted for just about any event.   BFF Gay Lynn patiently followed my creativity and colored in the "h" and the "e" on the Hershey bars as well as helped with all the paper cutting and trimming!

And then there is Mr. Easy Rider....a You Tube find.    I usually make a diaper cake for showers but came across this and thought it was a better choice.  Wheels are diapers, fenders are bibs, sippy cup is the headlight, handlebar and forks are a receiving blanket.

His little 'sneakers' were my son's!

So very glad this is done.......Thank goodness my sister and my friend Gay Lynn helped me today.   The extra hands sure made the work do fast.  And it is always fun times with sisters and friends!

So Easter and spring decorations may not be up, but I am ready for the shower except for the cooking......and now I heading for my stitching chair  for a a little sit down and some stitching!


Robin in Virginia said...

What fun things you created for the shower! I like the Mr. Easy Rider. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

butterfly said...

What great ideas for the baby show well done.

Stasi said...

You have been BUSY!!! Everything is adorable--hope you got to relax a bit and get in some stitching.

moosecraft said...

This is going to be such a fun shower! Love the clothes line and Mr. Easy Rider! :-)

Lynn said...

That's going to be a great baby shower!

Carol said...

I really enjoyed seeing the great things you put together for the shower--I'm sure everyone had a wonderful time!

Weronika said...

Amazing things! You have so many great ideas!