Monday, April 4, 2016

We Did It

I am exhausted but I pulled off the baby shower and rave reviews of course.....

The shower wasn't a surprise but mom-to- be didn't know exactly who was coming.    Anytime she asked about a particular person I told her that person had not RSVP'd.....speaking of which, is the courtesy of RSVPing a lost pleasantry?  32 invited, 16 RSVP's, 28 attended, some of which were not even on the invitation list.....makes it very hard to calculate the food.....At any rate, we had people from Connecticut to Maryland show up and delight my D-in-L.

Most left by 5 on Saturday but cousins stayed until the wee hours of the morning playing cards and board games and mixed in much laughter.  They returned on Sunday for more fun and food.  We  cooked and cleaned from the time my daughter arrived early Friday morning.    I thought I'd be able to get some things done today with the shower behind me but silly me.  I love when they visit but the household swells from 2 to 8 plus two large dogs which upset the cat.  The last guests left at 6:30 last night.  I feel like we are the Bumpus's at these times.  I am out of in the Thompson house used to be like this every day; now it is much more sedate.   It is no wonder we were all so much thinner when we were younger.....the running around never stopped back then.

It is so good to have them all together no matter how exhausting.  Laundry will wait. That said, I am pooped beyond belief.

 A favorite outfit sent by my dear friend Roxanna.

 One of my son's favorite outfits.

They are so happy and so excited about the baby.

 Aven helping Morgan with the unwrapping.

A boy and his dog.   My D-in-L's son talks a well deserved nap.   Gavin was such a big help with the prepping and clean up.   It's hard work getting ready to be a big brother.

And somehow I am getting there with my Jeannette Douglas piece.  These two sections were partially completed and I finished each one up.

I have been working on the over one in the top section.   It is proving not to be nearly as bad as I had thought it would be.

I've was surprise that I actually have made more progress than I realized when I pulled it off the hoop to take the picture.  Here is where I was at my last post.  It is doubtful I will make the self imposed April deadline but it's all good.  Any forward progress is good.   I am looking forward to putting my feet up this evening to get in my much needed stitching therapy.  Problem is I am sure I will be sleeping in the recliner not much longer after I settle into a comfy position.

And one more thing.....I did sign up for the Betsy Morgan class at Salty Yarns in OCMD in June.   I said self, it is time you do something for yourself!  Have a good week all.   May your stitches be many and your frogs be few...........


Anonymous said...

Good for you! I knew you'd sign up! And I'm glad everything went well. You deserve a few days of relaxation.


Weronika said...

You've done amazingly well with that baby shower. Jnette Douglas pattern looks really great.

Susan said...

I was thinking about you on Saturday and hoping the shower went off well. You have inspired me to do the Stitching Treasures piece this year. I'm going to replace one of my guild challenge pieces with it in June.

Robin in Virginia said...

Glad the baby shower was a success! Good for you on signing up for the Betsy Morgan class in June. Your WIP is looking good.

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

congrats on the baby shower going off great. now have a little rest and enjoy yourself hugs Lynda Ruth

Stasi said...

Sounds like you had an extremely busy, yet enjoyable weekend--hope you can rest up a bit now!
The Jeanette Douglass piece is looking grand!
Happy to hear you signed up for Betsy's class--which one did you decide on? If you haven't had a class with her, you will love it! See you then!

Lynn said...

So glad you signed up for the class!!


Lillie said...

What a happy occasion. Congrats on the baby shower.
JD look great.

diamondc said...

How cute guys at a baby shower I love it.
Your cake looks wonderful.
Love the Jeannette Douglas Sampler it is beautiful.