Sunday, June 26, 2016

Getting to the party late....

My yard work is coming along.  This weekend I finally manage to get through every bed to get done except for those areas I am changing.   Overall, I seem to have been late to the party this year.  I should have been done weeks ago albeit except for the grand removal of ground cover.   We have been fortunate to have some low humidity weather which makes this work that much more pleasant to do.  

I think my next door neighbor took pity on me out there every evening pulling and digging, I came home and he had helped me out on his side of the property line and then some.  I baked him a cake today, which I burnt.  It is not too terrible that I can't cut off the top and eat it myself but certainly can't give it to him.   I will try again tomorrow for another cake, moving the over rack first.  Fabian and Elmira moved last year and are the best neighbors I have had in 34 years of living here.  He deserves a cake for his helping me and making sure all is ok with me while Mr. W. is away.

 I'm a getting there.......mulch to be spread and grass seed to be planted and I'm calling this bed done for this year.  I've actually seen new growth on my Azaleas......I think they were being choked out before.

Stitching is coming along as well.  I am kind of impressed with myself that I am sticking to one project at a time.  I have 13 rows completed of 16 so it shan't be long now.   Except that now the those concentric circles are getting bigger and therefore taking longer and longer.  As I was stitching and the circles were getting bigger and bigger it seemed something was amiss.  I used my  Cross Stitch Calculator AP several times entering the stitch count, the fabric count, and I kept coming up 7 x 7.  The slip of paper in the bag said 7 x7....wrongo.....the slip may say 7 x 7 but the fabric is 6 x 6.   I knew something didn't look quite right.  I think it will all work out.

It is pretty cool how the color changes like nap on corduroy.

Talk about coming late to the the party......I just now starting watching Games of Thrones.  Seems only every fifth person in the world doesn't watch.   I just finished season three and the red wedding.....the night is dark and full of off to stitch and another episode.

PS  So excited....Little Man, AKA Will, is coming to visit Gramma over the 4th of July!


Robin in Virginia said...

Your Bargello is looking great, Robin. I think the color change is very cool. I know you are happy to have the gardening work just about finished. Enjoy your day!

Stasi said...

Loving the bargello piece!

We enjoy Game of Thrones but don't have HBO and are always a season behind--just finished watching season 5 recently.

Have fun with your little visitor!

Weronika said...

It's great to have such a caring neighbor so I am very pleased to hear that you found such person. I am happy to have a lovely neighbors as well. Your stitching looke very lovely.

diamondc said...

Robin: Great landscaping you have done, what a very nice neighbor you have, I hope your next cake comes out okay.
Love your stitch projects.