Monday, July 4, 2016

Fourth of July

It's 4th of July weekend and that means picnics and hot dogs and burgers and for me this time!  My son and his family traveled down for the weekend and it has been wonderful to see and hold little Will.    He has changed a lot since I last saw him and although FaceTime is great, it sure is not the same as baby time.    It has been an unending stream of people visiting and meeting Will for the first time.  It is great and so far afield from my normal weekend life.   I am loving it.    

We took Will into the pool for his first swim.   He liked that water  but sure didn't like the brightness of the sun.   

Of course, I bought him his first swimsuit and beach hat..... he needs to grow into the hat for sure!  

For stitching, I was being a little hard on myself that I had not yet completed my bargello piece and then  I thought......uuummm,  I do have a job, I do work in the yard, I do house work ......and I only started this on June processing all that and I am now happy now realize that I am not too much of a needlework slug.  Why are we always hardest on ourselves?  And for me, why do I always think things will take less time that they really do?  For this weekend, there is no stitching time when there is a baby in the house!

June 5th start

July 4th status.  

Hopefully, when everyone packs up and heads out later today,  after I clean up and get everything back to normal, I will have some me time/stitching time.  

Have a great week all, thanks for stopping by and stitch on.


Susan said...

What a cutie!!! So glad you got to spend some time with Will. I'm sure the Bargello piece will be done soon.

Anonymous said...

Will is just too precious. Can't wait to see more pictures later. Your stitching is coming along great. I don't even have that much to show.

Diane, TN

Anonymous said...

He is so cute! And great pictures of him. Isn't it grand being a grandma! Glad you're having a good holiday. See you Thursday.

Robin in Virginia said...

Will is a cutie. Glad you had a good visit! Your bargello piece is looking good. Happy Independence Day!

Rose Threadandpassion said...

Time spent with Will is time well spent... he will grow up even too fast!
Your bargello piece is very colorful!