Saturday, August 27, 2016

What is this?

Yes, what is this exactly........progress on a long forgotten UFO.  

Bless you fellow stitchers that rotate multiple projects.   I guess there is something to be gained from the mental stimulus you get from getting up to speed with a different project every day/week.    I did that crazy January challenge many years ago when you start a new project every day and although fun and exciting.....truth be told, I still have some of those starts in my UFO basket.....

This is my progress this week on Drawn Thread's Random Thoughts.    It was kitted with all NPI silks and I have decided I really like working with them.

Progress is going well except for that pesky over one section.   But even that is not bad.....lettering is always so enjoyable to me.

And what is this.....Mr. W. is getting estimates for some pool fixes.    I was sure when he came home from his summer tour he would lower the boom on the pool.   We need a new liner, a new skinner assembly, a wall panel replaced and filter repairs......I prepared myself for him surely wanting to take the pool down and scrap all the aluminum.....considering in the next five years we will most likely be moving and a pool is not necessarily an asset and the fact that he has not been in the pool in at least the last 15 was safe to prepare myself.   But surprise of all surprise his first reaction is to get estimates for the necessary repairs.   We shall see what the estimate looks like.   My argument is whatever we decide to do it will cost money - $$ to repair/$$ to remove and then fill in the area and landscape.

And what is this craziness?   Here is a pattern I just bought at a Trunk Show at my August Guild Meeting.   (See my other blog - DVHSG. Scroll down to the section on our speaker.)   It is called Corsica River Sampler by Barbara Hutson of Queenstown Sampler Designs.  I was just really taken by this piece.   It is a large 337 stitches by 451 stitches.    There is a lot of blackwork which is something I really enjoy and sections of Assisi stitching which I have never done.  I tried to get some friends interested in a stitch along with this but have only had one taker so far.  I will be selecting fabric and fibers in October when I am in OCMD but I don't plan to start this until at least January.  I may even stitch this in NPI silks since I am enjoying working with them.

For now I want to concentrate on Random Thoughts and finishing some stitched pieces and other UFO's.   Now that's a challenge! Who knows what my spin on it will be next week.  So nice to have choices.

Ok, I am off to do some much needed yard work before it heats up too much.   Hoping for a nice dinner on my deck this evening and possibly cracking open one of my new bottles of wine.

Thanks for stopping by and happy stitches one and all.


EvalinaMaria said...

I think I would like to join you in your SAL. I will check where I can buy this pattern. Hugs

Susan said...

You're making me anxious to start Random Thoughts--maybe in January. I like Corsica, too, but I resisted any purchases at the trunk show. Have to go "shopping" in my own trunks full of stash to make it look like I'm at least trying to get it all stitched!

Robin in Virginia said...

Your Random Thoughts piece is looking good. Lovely sampler you picked up at your guild meeting. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

llknbillburg said...

Corsica River is my favorite Queenstown sampler and if you are waiting until January to start, I would love to join your SAL. Laura

Just Another Old Geezer said...

Such wonderful projects, beautiful lettering warm and inviting colors to boot! Thank You for sharing these - very calming...

diamondc said...

Robin: what a beautiful Sampler Corsica River is amazing.
Love Drawn Thread designs, Cynthia is a wonderful Designer.
I look forward to seeing the finish stitching.