Sunday, September 4, 2016

Project Progress

Wow!  I can't believe how much I have stitched this week it looks like I have stitched this week.   I don't really think I had tons of stitching time but this piece works up so fast.   Again, I wonder what was I thinking when I pushed this off to the basket of UFO's.

I would say I am 3/4ths of the way through the main stitching and then on to the pulled threads and the border.    I am less fearful since I read the instructions for pulling the threads and they are pretty good.
 No truer words then those above.......let's all take time to stop and smell the roses.....

I will need to pick up some charms when I am at my retreat at the end of the month.   I am sure I HAD them but equally as sure they found themselves attached to other projects that came along.

As for quilting progress......last night we cut all the inner borders, outer borders and bindings.   Why is it so much easier and more fun to do it with someone else?    I stitched all the border sections and binding sections into three longer pieces while DD#1 had the tedious job of tucking and hiding the threads on the back side.  Still hopeful I will have some quilting progress to share before the weekend is over.

And now for our Sunday morning moment of nature.    Today has dawned a beautiful day as was indicated by our sunset last night.   I know we are in a storm watch with Hermine but it is hard to believe after this sunset and with today's blue skies..........

The sky was on fire!

Stay tuned for a Stitch-a-long I am planning to host.....Yikes! What am I thinking??    The project will be Queenstowns Samplers - Corsica River.   (see this post)  So far I have two cyber stitchers interested and one non-blogger and myself.    More details and kick off will follow.   Kick off won't be until 2017.  The Stitch-a-long will not be a competition - just encouragement and sharing of progress.   I am imagining one post a month to share everyone's progress.  More details to work out.   Stay tuned.

 Happy stitching all and stay safe if you are in the storm's path......


Robin in Virginia said...

Gorgeous sunset! Your Drawn Thread WIP is looking good.

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: Love the sunset photos so very pretty.
I have done pulled threads in the past I was so frightened that I almost put the piece away, I finally read the directions and had no problems.
Love the Drawn Thread Sampler so lovely.