Sunday, October 30, 2016

Corsica River

Stitch-a-long Announced

I will be hosting a Stitch-a-long for completing Queenstown Sampler Design's Corsica River by Barbara Hutson.  I mentioned wanting to do this as a SAL kind of as a lark in August and well, it took off.  So let me give you the lay of the land here:

First the pattern -
The pattern can be seen at Queenstown Sampler Designs.   
Follow their link to find a store where yo can purchase the pattern.
  • REVISED to include the FB option
  • First and foremost, this is meant to be a friendly, supportive, healthy atmosphere
  • Bloggers and NON-bloggers welcomed
  • SAL start date:   February 22, 2017
  • Completed date:  February 22, 2019    Yes, two years!  Why, because other things come up!  
  • This is not a race to see who will finish first.  There is always the turbo stitcher out there that will zoom ahead and that is fine.  I, for one, usually have several projects I am working on and work and life does get in the way.  
  • Each month prior to the 22nd I will remind everyone to post your progress on FB.
  • If you would rather post your progress here instead of on FB or in addition to FB, Stitchers - fellow bloggers - need to update your blog with a post on your progress and email ( me by the 20th of each month.  I will link to your progress post on my monthly posting.
  • The same for non-blogging Stitchers regarding posting here or on FB - should email ( me by the 20th of each month, a photo and/or info about their progress.  I will incorporate your info in my monthly post.
  • Please feel free to share hiccups in the stitching along the way
  • Please let me know by February 15, 2017 if you wish to join in
  • Before February 22, I will work out a 'suggested' schedule for completion
  • This is a first for me - moderating a SAL - so bear with me as I stumble through this!

The design is an original Queenstown Sampler Design considered to be an intermediate level sampler.   The sample pictured on the Queenstown site was stitched on 35 count Northen Cross in cream by Norden Crafts.  

It is charted for Needlepoint Inc. Silks or DMC cotton.   The stitch count is 337 wide by 451 tall.   On 35 count the design area is 19.25 wide by 25.77 tall.  

Stitches used:   back stitch, cross stitch, double running stitch, eyelet, long-arm cross stitch.
Techniques used:  blackwork and Assisi stitching

For mine work, I selected antique white, 32 count linen.    I decided to use the NPI silks.  I had entered the store thinking I would use belfast linen with floss in a shade of green with a gold and something in a sepia tone.  I surprised myself by purchasing not what I intended.  I choose my colors by sight and when I compared to the chart, I selected the recommended colors.    The called for RED was much nicer in person that in the design photograph.

As for the pattern - it consists of 16 pages of charts.   There is NO shaded overlap from page to page.

Each page is listed as part of a column and row.

How you decide to proceed - by page or by row - will be your choice.  I 'think' I may proceed by page rather than by row......jury is still out.   I think I will know better after I create a schedule of sorts.

Row One - double running and blackwork
Row Two - Assisi work completed with double running and long-arm cross
Row Three - blackwork
Row Four - Assisi work
Row Five - blackwork
Row Six - cross stitch and blackwork
Rows 7, 8 & 9  - Assisi work
Row Ten - blackwork

Let's see who's on board!  


moosecraft said...

Wow! This is a beautiful piece... but, a little too involved for me to join the stitch-along. I will enjoy following along with everyone's progress though! :-)

Anonymous said...

Me, me, me! I have everything kitted up and ready to go. Well, maybe after I finish a project or two or three. I'm glad we're not starting until Feb and thrilled that we have 2 years to get it done. Can't wait to see who else is in. I'm a non-blogging (as you know). So I'll send pictures.


Stasi said...

I'm impressed with your undertaking Robin--good for you!!! Hope all goes smoothly-it is a beautiful sampler!