Friday, November 4, 2016

Election - Make Sure You Vote!

Well November is here and that means daylight savings time for many of us......we get an extra hour of sleep this weekend......but not really.   You just either say up later or get up earlier that first day.

November also finally brings the election that has been droning on forever.  The rhetoric, the mud slinging, the constant commercials....we are all so very tired of it.   The MONEY spent on the tv ads for this election alone could probably fund a third world country for eternity.   Many feel it is a no win situation.   Apprehensive and fearful of one or the other candidate in office.  You have to be careful what you say to anyone because there are strong opinions on all sides.     Best to just say.....hey, what about those Cubs!

I don't even want to be a fly on the wall in any other country in the world and have to hear what a bunch of buffoons they must think we silly Americans are.

I don't think she cares for my idea.
Personally, I think we should call the Queen, apologize for the Tea Party and the whole revolution thing and ask to come back!


Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoy the extra hour; my plan is to use it for stitching! Have a wonderful weekend!

moosecraft said...

lol! I was thinking the same thing... about asking to come back... it's so nice to watch William, Kate and their children... people to look up to. That's what the US is lacking... positive role models... BUT, that's a whole 'nuther conversation...;-) Yes... So HAPPY for the Cubs WIN!!! :-)

Lynn said...


Karyn said...

LOL, I think we may have burned that "British" bridge ages ago...literally, but I am with you on that, a good "We are sorry and we were wrong" never hurt and she is a Mom so how could she say no!
We all mailed our ballots last week...felt good to have it done! I see on the local news that people are waiting in early voter lines for more than 5 hours!
Scary times