Sunday, November 6, 2016

Three More Bite the Dust

While I waited on floss to be mailed from Salty Yarns to continue Miss Mary Mack I decided to check a few things off the to-do list in my sewing basket......

First, my whole suitcase/bedside table went amok.   No reason other than memory did not serve me well and I had only one and not three suitcases in the attic.   Furthermore, even though the bedroom/sewing room is large, once I added the twin beds to a room with a queen sized futon, cutting table, the sewing table, a dresser full of fabric and a bookcase......and the room shrank considerably.   No room left for a suitcase/bedside table.  It's OK......comforters have been ordered and a couple of already sewn quilt tops are coming out of storage to be finished. (and a couple more scrappy ones in mind!!)

While I was cleaning and sorting and messing about in the sewing room, I came across my basket of completed projects.   I thought I'd frame this up for the coming Thanksgiving season.   Once all the Halloween stitching comes down, and before the Christmas stitching goes up, there is a void.   Well, again the best laid plans........seems I missed a few stitches.   An hour later, stitches in, pinning done and in the  frame.   Check one.

I moved next to my recent finish of Random Thoughts by Drawn Thread.   I am not exactly proud of the workmanship to attach the loops for the bell pull but since this is not going to the County Fair or any other competition it will do.   I had the joy (NOT) of working with Nymo thread to attach my loops.   I even used the trick Betsy Morgan taught us to stretch the nylon thread before stitching to eliminate the twisting and looping......not so lucky.   Must have been the brand I used.  Another finish completed in under an hour.   I may revisit this finish but for now....Check two.

That brings me to My Stitching Treasures.   Again stitched but not mounted.    Now it has been pressed, backed with batting, pinned and mounted in the Olde Colonial Designs box.  One evening and another completion.  Check three.

I did play with some fabrics for future finishing.   As you all know it is a short trip down that lane of diversion from entering a sewing room to be lead astray on a creative junket.  I have a 'thought' for finishing Miss Mary Mack as a pillow with silver buttons down a dress shirt-like placard on the back.   You'd think with all these buttons, there would be a selection of silver ones about the same size.   Also, the time spent searching  for where I bundled and stored all my black fabrics.......took more time than it should have.   Don't you just hate looking in the same place three times knowing something is not there but not believing is not there because it should be?

And last but not least, progress on the quilt I stitched up in September.   I worked on the binding and it is coming along great.   One evening and one side hand sewn.   I have a deadline of December 12th and know I will make it.   That is Roxanna's birthday and I want to wrap it up and surprise her with it.

Ahhhhh, feels good to get some things out of that work basket.

Stitch on everyone!


Robin in Virginia said...

Good for you on getting things finished and out of the 'needs to be completed' basket, Robin! Each one is lovely and what a sense of accomplishment for you. Enjoy your Sunday!

Karyn said...

Wow, Robin, I got tired just reading that post :) What a great feeling it must be to have accomplished a good bunch of finishing. I need to get into my "waiting for completion" bin and stop avoiding it.
What beautiful stitching...your work always inspires me.
Roxanna is going to adore her quilt, very sweet gift.

Lynn said...

Look at all those finishes!! Must feel great!

diamondc said...

Robin: What beautiful finish's you have, I am a lover of buttons, I am in the process of making a button bracelet.
I am like you I look in the same place two or three times, finally I give up and look somewhere else for the item.
Roxanna I am sure will love that beautiful quilt.


Lillie said...

Great finishes, each piece beautifully stitched.

blue star stitcher said...

Wow, sounds like a productive evening of finishes. Love the Blessed be design, and hopefully with the second one no one will be looking at how you hung it just at the beautiful stitching!

Marilyn said...

Great finishes and projects.
The box is gorgeous.

Mary said...

Hate to be a debbie downer, but I think there are still some stitches missing on Blessed Be. On the four motifs at the top, under the birds, the motif on the left looks like it needs another "leaf". Hoping I'm wrong!