Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Why oh why can we be so intelligent to know something but so dim witted to continue to repeat the behavior and not to change it?   I have had one of those sleep-plagued run of days which finds me tossing and turning and wide awake in the wee hours after about 4 hours sleep which then finds me in the recliner stitching and catching up on shows On Demand until it is time to shower and dress for work..... but this morning before I ventured out from my warm, snuggly, cacoon of blankets and pillows at the lovely hour of 3:30 a.m.  I was trying to think what was going on, what worry? or what stress? or work issue? was bugging me and why was I struggling to no avail and sleep was still evading me and then it came to me.....I way lying there going through my to-do list and it was a light bulb moment.....this is my pre-holiday pattern.  

Tossing and turning trying to set my schedule in my head of when to do what to make sure it is all done by the time the kiddos get here.   And why?   It always gets done and so what if they have to throw in with helping with a pie or peeling potatoes.

So the result of my insomnia, I have been watching Season 1 and most of Season 2 of Masterpiece Theater's Poldark,    (I never knew the receipt of the gift of woolen stockings could be so sexy!) and stitching a bit on Miss Mary Mack.  But the wee hours of the morning stitching are bittersweet.   Progress has been made but seems my border across the bottom is two threads off.   Amazing that counting to two and following a pattern can be so trying at times.   So some stitch therapy of stitch a re-stitch.

And last but not least, pattern update on Corsica River.   I neglected to post yesterday with pre-stitch-a-long info.  Bear with me folks, I'll get there.    I think I have finalized a schedule for completion and it is very lenient but alas I scanned it at work and didn't email it home to myself. Further evidence your acuity decreases with lack of sleep!  When calculating the schedule I kept in mind that other things come along and this stitch-a-long is meant for pleasure not pressure.   Here's a tip,  I know you can order hanks of floss which are larger and less expensive than skeins and something you may wish to consider.  I am also considering launching a Facebook Group for the stitch-a-long.....could be another delusion from the lack of sleep that I wish to take on yet another internet adventure.

Enjoy your Thanksgivings my fellow statesmen, wishing you much good food and fellowship with friends and family.


Robin in Virginia said...

Sorry about your bout with insomnia! Hope it passes soon. Miss Mary Mack is looking good even with having to re-stitch some. Wishing you and yours a very blessed Thanksgiving!

Lynn said...

I think that baby looks like you! Happy Thanksgiving!

moosecraft said...

Love the pic in your blog header! Such a cutie! :-)
I think that planners will always be planners.... no matter how many times they've accomplished a same task (like holiday meals)... I;m always planning... just not while sleeping... for instance, I plan while "watching tv"... and it becomes apparent when everyone else in the room starts laughing at a funny spot in the movie... and I'm just sitting there staring into space. lol!
Have a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving... a river of gravy over a mountain of potatoes... love it! :-)

Anna van Schurman said...

Getting up and stitching is a good idea--instead of just lying there waiting. But stay off the screens; they wreak havoc with the brain. Love Miss Mary even if she is giving you trouble.

stitchersanon said...

Love the stitchy piece. Cant you keep the booboo and work around it? I call it 'personalisation' rofl. I usually make a booboo somewhere. Embarassing with it's my own design haha.