Saturday, November 19, 2016

This week's finishes....

Double ta-da

First, Roxanna's quilt is done, washed, hung on the clothesline, dried and folded for wrapping.

I am so happy to be able to give this to her.   It will make her day.  I know she will be sharing Thanksgiving with her family and I want to give it to her son on Monday so she can open and have the reveal with her family after their holiday dinner.

One of my favorite blocks is the lilac.....

Next, a little late for Halloween, but my Boo To You witch from Pat Thode at HeartStrings is done.   Thank you for Diane sharing her completion with us at needlework night back in September.   It made me want to get this out, stitch it up and then complete it.   So I won't be too hard on myself that I missed Halloween 2016 because I didn't start her until the end of September, worked on this and other things, and look, by mid-November she is done-done-done!

For the Kitty Kat Purse, I used an old jewel attach this was actually the hardest part of the assembly.

Instead of cording, I used braid from Joanne's.    I am quite happy with this finish!  Too bad this was not on my 2016 Challenge list.   Now don't go getting ahead of yourselves and think I am sone sort of turbo stitcher.....just shows how many projects I have in the works!

Happy Thanksgiving to all.     Enjoy the good food and fun with family and friends and try for a bit of stitching time in all the muddle.  


Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on both of the finishes! I really like the braid trim you used for the edge of the Boo to you piece. What type of easel/stand is it resting on? Happy Thanksgiving to you!

butterfly said...

First what a cute baby.
Love the quilt so pretty.
Your little witch is so beautiful what a lovely design and beautiful stitched and great finish.

Marilyn said...

The quilt is pretty.
Love the Heartsrings Witch, she turned out so cute and colorful.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Lillie said...

Am sure your quilt will be a joy for Roxanna.
What an adorable Witch finish, love the little Kitty kat purse.
Happy Thanksgiving

diamondc said...

Robin: I love the quilt it is beautiful, all the lovely stitching wow.
Your witch is so sweet and a great finish.
Thank-you for sharing with us.

Happy Thanksgiving