Monday, January 16, 2017

Keeping up with my goals....

I am keeping my promise to put more time into completing that white elephant of a project of the wallpaper removing I started last year.  I made great progress spending a Sunday afternoon attacking the mess.
and making a mess with all the bits and pieces.    An hour here and there and I will continue the progress so I can reach my goal by summer.  Good thing this is the upstairs hallway that no one but me sees!  

Today, I am just back from Camp Wannastitch in Ocean City Maryland.   In addition to stitching you know that means a trip to Salty Yarns for shopping and seeing old friends.

What a fabulous weekend.   Camp Wannasttich is part of the MAR (Mid Atlantic Region) of EGA (Embroiders Guild of America).   How can one be so tired from sitting and stitching for a weekend?   And how can one stitch all weekend and come home and want to stitch more?   It's a mystery I guess.  I got to see old friends and met some new.   We shared a table with four fabulous ladies from Williamsburg and now have great invitations to visit them in Williamsburg.

I was able to make great progress on a couple of my challenge pieces.
Before -  

I ran out of the Anchor floss I was using.   Fear not, it has been ordered

Rosewood Manor's Cornwall Cottage - before

and after -
I managed to almost complete page 3 of 12!
I am happy I starting working on both of these projects.   Both were put aside because I thought them too large and too tedious.   What was I thinking when I packed these away under the guise both were too difficult?....both are moving along nicely....for the moment.

And of course, staying true to my lack of restraint, I started this little cutie from Lizzie Kate.

Hopefully I can be done by Easter.  I have plans  for this quick  little  stitch.
Happy week and happy stitching all!


Stasi said...

Good to see you--looks like you got a lot accomplished!!!

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: Retreats are so refreshing, it is always nice to meet new stitcher's.
I love your new start, I love Easter designs.
Your Samplers are beautiful, Cornwall is amazing.
I hope you are having good weather, so far the ice storm has missed us.


diamondc said...

Robin: I forgot to tell you love your Header Photo, so sweet.
Oh my what a project on that wall.


Robin in Virginia said...

You made great progress during your weekend retreat, Robin. I really like the Quaker you are working on. Your new start is going to be so sweet. And I forgot to mention it previously, but I like the snowmen blog header picture.

moosecraft said...

Looooove that Cornwall Cottage Sampler! :-) Great going on that wallpaper too! It's neither fun nor easy, but soon you won't have to think about it anymore.