Sunday, January 22, 2017

Progress and New Adventures in Cyberland

I had a great day with friends yesterday.   One friend generously hosted a stitching weekend.   Those that traveled far stayed overnight and others dropped in for as long as possible.    Great friends, good chatter, fabulous food and stitching.   Wahoo!   (Thank you Stacy for a great day!)

Here is what I have to show for it... This is where I was after last weekend........and happy with the great progress below.   I am almost to the halfway point.    I may put this aside when I get to the point. Yesterday my friend, Francine, translated the french name of this pattern.   Yes, I could have went onto google translator but it was so much cooler to have her say it in french.

"A Stitchers (embroiderer's) Dream".   This is proving to be a great take along piece to stitch on.   Maybe I won't put it aside. 

Below, progress on Drawn Thread's Love Letters.    This has been on my wish list for some time and it was gifted to me by the best PenPal in the world!  (Hi Shirley!  I'll write soon, I promise.)  I think I will pledge to stitch 25 stitches a day on this piece  Those stitches will add up.

No more progress to share on Rosewood Manor's Cornwall Cottage.   hmmm, maybe I should dedicate Sundays to stitching on it.   That deserves some thought.

And....buds on my orchids after two years.    Yeah!   Three buds on this orchid and two on another.   It is a fine balance of returning them to their favorite window and neglect!  I will be sure to share photos of the blooms.    Glad I didn't give up on these babies.   Good things come to those who wait.

Next up I need to update my other blog since I missed the last monthly DVHSG Meeting (Thank you Caryl and Lynn for notes and photos); I need to create a new blog for my EGA guild (down the rabbit hole further for a couple of hours); and finally, I need to attack the creation of a new Facebook page to launch the Corsica River SAL, starting 2/22/17.  (Ack! Could be the cyber point of no return!) It is just fear of the unknown for this one.  And I am sure it is an easy thing to do but unlike the millennials that have no fear of anything internet related, I still have the mentally that once it is out there is it out there so no "whoopsie daisies" allowed!  Not the Corsica River is in any way risqué!   LOL   An hour of computer work, an hour of stitching, rinse and report.   Sounds like a good afternoon to me.

Have a great day all.   Happy stitching, happy week.

Facebook page has been created!     Title - Corsica River Stitch A Long

I also have a link to a great tutorial for the Assisi Stitch which is part of rows 2, 4, 7, 8 and 9.


Robin in Virginia said...

Wow, Robin! What fabulous progress on your Quaker piece while at your stitching weekend! Nice start/progress on Love Letters! I look forward to seeing more of this one. Enjoy your week!

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: It is always fun to get together and stitch with friends.
Love he Sampler you are working on so beautiful, I am married to a Frenchman, I love it when people speak French,it is such a romantic language.
Drawn Threads Love is a sweet design.
Your orchids are lovely,I hope you post photos when they bloom.