Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunrise and Sunset

It is that time of year again for me in the world of work.  I am leaving for work in the dark and pulling back into my driveway long after dark.   Just a couple or three heavy more work weeks and then I will be coasting through the rest of the winter with just the normal hectic workload.   On those chilly dark mornings I let my mind fantasize.  I cross a high suspension bridge each day on my commute and as I descend from the top, I see laid out before me a vast sea of blue-black velvet which is heaped in mounds and folds across which is a spilling of, rubies, topaz, emeralds.....I bring myself back to reality and the realization that the diamonds,  rubies and emeralds before me are the street lights, red and green traffic lights of the busy outskirts of the city waking up.   Back to reality my mind wanders into the houses and homes where children are getting more snuggles from moms, fathers are coming or to and from work, teenagers are taking their time getting up and getting ready, firemen man the station waiting a call, school bus drivers are warming their buses for their routes, a cat is sleeping on a child's bed and dog is begging at the door to go for a walk and all those everyday, wonderful, normal things just going on as I take on another day.     You see, for me, it is all about a positive attitude and I choose to see the good.  With this I am content and I am appreciative for what I have and do not worry about what I do not.  Enough gushing and my Pollyanna views of the world.  

Because of work, not much stitching was accomplished this past week.   Not even at lunch at work as lunch has been as my desk.....and so much for doing 25 stitches a day on this piece.....counting does not seem to work for me.  For me that makes it work, besides it is too cumbersome to stop mid-bird or letter.   I just keep stitching.  
This is proving to be a sweet, fast little stitch considering the stolen few minutes I have had this week to stitch.  I am hoping for more progress on this later today.

Yesterday I did truly take a day to do nothing but sooth my inner creativity with a day of finishing. Mr. W. has been in Atlanta, GA most of the week for the Winter Meeting of Drum Corp.....(planning out the summer season) which makes it easier to do nothing of a household nature.  My daughter came down for the day and brought her serger - a machine I don't want to try for fear I need one.   She sewed a jacket, then cut out a dress and started to stitch that up while I made Miss Mary Mack into a pillow.     I should have done some much need computer work but alas after long days all week with contracts and spreadsheets the last thing I felt like was logging on a computer.

I did have a vision and it actually turned out the way I saw it in my minds eye save for I ran out of stuffing.  (Diane! I need a new BIG bag)    For the back I created a bit of whimsy by making it have the look of a shirt placket.  I had four buttons to complete the back but the forth had no hole in the shank so  I fashioned a tiny bow of 1/8-inch satin ribbon and added three petite silver beads to the center.

A true prim and proper dress for Miss Mary Mack.  
Wishing you all a great week filled with many stitches and good days. Until next time, thanks for stopping by.  


Ann said...

Love this finish! Miss Mary Mac must be very pleased with herself!

Stasi said...

Pillow turned out great!

Robin in Virginia said...

I love how you finished the back of Miss Mary Mack. Go Robin! It sounded like you had an enjoyable day with your daughter. Have a great upcoming week!

Ann Neal said...

What is the name of the "love" design? It's so pretty!
Thank you