Saturday, February 4, 2017

Happy Weekend Everyone

I know I sure am glad for the weekend and lingering over the second cup of coffee in my pj's rather than racing out the door in the early morning cold.

I do have a finished to share and a hot mess of tidbits I need to complete the finish.  This was such a  sweet project and what I needed when time is limited.   So nice to have quick finish for that quick gratification.
The Drawn Thread - Love Birds
I have a neat idea on how to finish this and jumped right online to Amazon and ordered what I needed.   
I sorted through all the bits and pieces of paraphernalia that a crafter saves and started pulling items I need for this mixed media finish.  I feel sure by next weekend I  will have a finish to share.

I managed a teeny tiny bit of stitching on my take along piece.  Just need to remind myself, slow and steady wins the race.   I am close to halfway and feeling good about my progress.

A couple of posts back I mentioned I was planning on doing ten stitches a day on a project.   Well that method doesn't work for me.  For me it is more work to count and stop at 10.   I have had success in the past with 'loading' three needle's worth of floss and working until they are empty.   For me that is a win-win.   I can make progress without dedicating a lot of time and while not taking time from other projects.   Wandering down that merry trail of a stitching method, I am making progress on my Thursday night girls SAL.  Several of us in the group have gravitated to like projects in the past and completed them as SAL between us.   We did enough Santa's so it was time for something different.  We did know we wanted to do a stand up finish.

We decided on a patriotic stitch.   We finally found a pattern we all like, Alma Lynn Designs from 1992!  The pattern is a duplicate stitch for a sweater but it is just as easily stitched on 18 count.   For me, Sam's hat is coming along.   I am not sure if the others have started.    I'd love to have this done by 4th of July....maybe not 2017.

Thanks for stopping by.   Happy week and happy stitching everyone!


Anonymous said...

I have also started Uncle Sam. Not much further than you. Hat is done. Can't wait to see them all finished again. Diane in TN.

Stasi said...

Loving the "Love!

Robin in Virginia said...

Nice start on Uncle Sam! Congratulations on your Love Birds finish! I look forward to seeing it in finished form. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Lynn said...

I can't wait to find out what you need from Amazon to finish the Drawn Thread piece!

blue star stitcher said...

Can't wait to see how you finish Drawn Thread's "Love". I need to find a better rotation for my stitching, but so far I have just stuck with randomly pulling from the basket!