Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Two Weeks to go.....

Just two weeks and the Corsica River SAL Challenge will start.   Hop on over to the FB page at  to get on board.  Go to the "files" tab to check out the premiss, the pattern, the stitching schedule and  see who's onboard already!

See my earlier post from this past fall about the SAL.   I have updated the rules to include the Facebook Option - Option, not necessary.   I just need to know your preference.

Here are the names of those who have signed up via the Facebook Group -

Pat L., Elmer, NJ
Stacy S., Newark, DE
Evalina, British Columbia, This and That blog (
Laura K., VA
Ann S.,  DE
Barbara S., New Zealand
Lynn M., Lancaster, PA - not sure if Lynn is along for the ride or is watching the ride
Christine K.
Dianne M.
Dorothy H.
Jo B., New Guinea
Kris A.
Kristina H.
Melissa B., Atlanta, GA
Sandra B.
Sarah M., Seattle, WA
Sharon F., Buffalo, NY 
Sue W. Buffalo, NY

 Ack!   I can't believe I am taking this on....the SAL AND the CHALLENGE of this piece!


Stasi said...

Will be following your progress!

Susan said...

I'm not participating in the SAL, but I will enjoy seeing your progress. I love that you're bringing stitchers from all over the world together for this project!

llknbillburg said...

Well, I am totally in! This has been in my stash pile since it came out and your SAL gives me a reason to start it. Looking forward to it and hoping I can keep up too!! Laura