Sunday, February 12, 2017

A Detour or Two

Here is what I have been up to stitching wise this week.   Really moving along with Uncle Sam.   Was so excited as I sipped my second cup of coffee this morning to see how far I moved along.   Well......what I thought was the beard down the right hand side, it actually the vest, and the difference between "V" and an upside "V" on the color chart is gray and red.   Thank goodness this is stitched on 18 count.   Frogging will be a piece of cake.   My plan is to get this corrected by end of day.  On a good note, the bottom of the beard is the bottom of page one of the graph so that is encouraging.

I am getting ready to start my Corsica River Challenge (See Corsica River Stitch Along on Facebook or see this post) so  today I wanted to make sure I ran a basting stitch down the left hand side to avoid that sampler spraul that can happen and to mount this on my scroll frame.   Well.....another detour.....seems I need to order longer bars or if I can't find them on Amazon (already looked at a couple of cross stitch store websites) I will be sending the hubs to Home Depot for two 5/8's by 28 inch dowels.    That should be interesting.  I recently asked him to pick up a 3 1/2 inch by 42 inch piece of glass from the local auto glass store.   While giving him the existing piece of glass from my grandfather's clock that was mysteriously broken one day and no one knew who did it (albeit 20 years ago) and I am finally replacing it.   I tell him to get the cut 1/8 inch narrower than the old piece so I can ease it back into place easier.  Mr. W. takes my direction, takes my note, walks away and comes back after much thought and says......why do I want the thickness an 1/8 inch less adding that the glass is pretty thin already.   God bless him!    You want your stereo, your tv, your computer connected, wired, or on the cloud, he's the man but not so much with carpentry.   Just get the same size dear and I will get out the glass grinder to make it fit.    Men and women really do see things differently and maybe I really am just not ready to be home with him all day, every day.

And a finished finish.  This was fun to do.    When at Salty Yarns in January, I saw the "Postcard" series from Beth at Summer House Stitch Workes and thought her finishing idea was the bomb.   I hopped on to her website for more info and sure enough she has a YouTube video to demo how to do the finish.   Aren't stitchers just the sharingest of the people?   I had fun doing this mixed media finish digging through my stash of bits and bobs that we crafters keep for that 'just in case I need it' moment.  I made a color copy of my stitched piece and cut it to size to work with until I knew everything would work.

New camera zooming on in the bird bath even shows the  glue gun 'hairs'.    Yes, a new camera.     Mine has been givens me fits and starts the last month.   It finally evolved to taking a photo and then it would shut off.    Mr. W. bought me a new battery and a new charger.      (again, his speciality, anything to do with  electronics).   Neither helped.   He made an appointment at Best Buy only to find out it was $130.00 to send it to Canon and that was only to be told what is wrong and IF is could be fixed which would cost additional.   Home he came with the updated version of the same camera.   
Don't you just hate that  this is  such
a throw away society?   It is easier and sometimes the only option to replace an item rather than fix it.    I have a clock in my bathroom that was on the wall in the bathroom of my childhood home.   This little plastic clock has to be 45 to 50 years old.   And I can't even remember when the batteries were last changed and it is still ticking.  What will millennials do if they ever need to repair something?  

 But enough of my carrying on.  I am leaving you with this sweet finish that I am proud of.
Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Stitching all.   Thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

"Love" is absolutely stunning! What a great finish. And yes you should be very proud of it. Shirley

Lynda Ruth Bowers said...

Love how you finished LOVE, very nice. Love your forever clock. hugs

Robin in Virginia said...

Robin, your mixed media finish turned out fabulous. Love the little birdbath charm you used. Uncle Sam is looking good. Enjoy your Sunday and have a great week!

Stasi said...

The Love postcard is adorable--just in time!!!

Lillie said...

WIP looking excellent and a beautiful finish with LOVE

butterfly said...

Great stitching and finish , love it.