Sunday, March 12, 2017

Quilting Weekend Getaway

Just back from a quilting weekend.    Believe it or not but this is the first time ever I've done a weekend with my sister.  Crazy I know.

We participated in a Mystery Quilt weekend.  You buy your fabric, follow the cutting instructions provided and show up with all your pieces cut and all your equipment and paraphernalia to follow along with the mystery.   Wow, think you need to take a lot for a cross stitch's nothing compared to a quilting weekend.

Here's a bit from show and tell of previous projects that were shared.  These women were so talented and so welcoming and great to be with.

Beth didn't work on the mystery quilt but worked on adding the finishing rows to this huge quilt.

 This was Beth's attempt to use of her scraps.  Mission accomplished!

 A Christmas block of the month club quilt.

 Another block of the month beauty.

Below, it the back to the above lap quilt.

 My sister's appliqué wall hanging.

I eye this pattern every time I go in the store....I even may have bought this pattern somewhere along the way.   I love Halloween stitching.   It is fun to work in all the bright colors.  Better check my stash.

Pretty block of the month from Keepsake Quilting by Barbara.

 Katie created this baby quilt this weekend for a soon to arrive grandson.

 One of Darlene's many

 Everyone's was so different.   Sarah's is so pretty in the red and white and here's another gal that got to Clue 14.

And my work for this weekend.    When it came to the mystery, I managed to complete 13 of the 14 clues.   Clue 14 is the final assembly into rows and joining them for a quilt top.   I stopped sewing because I wanted to square up all my pieces before the last step.  I don't know if I am making a mistake to do so but....too late.   No turning back once I started.

The orange with white symbols under my thread, my bobbin keep and the pins will be my binding.   The backing is the cream colored with the colored symbols that is under everything.  

There were 15 in the class and it was just the right size.   Cynthia and Jan from the Quilt Block were great hostesses and made it a nice weekend.   Tips and hints were shared.  Of course there was a trip to the store to buy necessary tools and some upgrades to existing tools.  I was shamed (lol) into buying a new 6 x 12 ruler (see mine covered with paint from a rug painting project).

We had a nice time together and met some great new friends.    We exchanged emails and added each other to Facebook friends lists.   I am now in the mood to sew up a storm....and with a nor'easter coming this Tuesday and I am hoping for a snow day in my near future, and time to finish this quilt top.  Not enough hours in the day to do all the crafting I want to!!!!


Susan said...

As I started reading, I wondered if you were at The Quilt Block's retreat. I go to the shop but have never gone thevretrest. Love the colors! Glad you had a great time even though you had to miss the guild meeting.

moosecraft said...

I agree! No enough hours in a day! :-) Love the looks of the mystery quilt so far! I always hesitate with mystery quilts...afraid of not liking the end result after all that fabric investment. Looks to me like this one will be a winner! :-) The shop is called "Quilt Block"? I may have to check it out one day. Be safe in the blizzard... I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed my job closes for the day as well...

Stasi said...

What a great weekend--lots of creativity going on.....and how nice to share with your sister!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a fun weekend you had! I really like the fabric you are using for the mystery quilt blocks. What fabulous projects shared during show and tell! Hope you get your snow day!