Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Corsica River, One month in

Time for a one month update.   This is my FB SAL.  I am close to halfway through the first assignment which is the complete row of blackwork.    My needle is parked at the mid point.  

So I never go outside the lines.   I obey the rules.   I behave as if someone is always watching.   So what is hiding under the pattern?    Yes, I moved ahead to the next section.   I got curious about the Assisi stitching.   So you see, I am MORE than halfway because I have a head start on the next section.  

I had planned to do the black backstitch last to show a crisper outline.....well it is much easier to backstitch first and fill in the the with the red long armed crosses.

The nice gentle repeat of the first row is making it easy.   For me, I just need to find the time to sit and stitch!

 Hope to see some updates from other stitchers on FB later today.

1 comment:

Stasi said...

You're moving right along and it looks fabulous--very crisp and clean!