Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Little bits

Poor tulip and daffodils.
Even with a snow day last week I have such a little bit of time for stitching but here goes......
We did dodge a bullet on the nor'easter last week and were more plagued by the ice damage to the trees.  

The trees were beautiful in the bright afternoon sunlight.   The noise from the wind and ice falling from the sun baked trees was quite loud.


This one is at a house up on the highway where friends used to live.    I remember when these trees were planted.   The weight of the ice just snapped off the branches down one entire side of the tree.  Every road you drive down there are branches down and trees still being tended to.  So sad to see all the damaged evergreens.  It could be worse.....I've seen no issues of trees into houses or on vehicles around here.  Leonard, my tree guy, most be a busy man right about now.

At any rate I spent most of my snowday just lazing around and not taking advantage of the 'free' time.....well, I took advantage of the free time to do nothing for a change.   I never made it to my sewing room to finished squaring my quilt blocks.   In fact, all the sewing 'stuff' is still piled at the bottom of the steps waiting for me to take it upstairs.  Just not enough hours in the day to get it all done.   And when I had a free day, I just crashed!  The overtime should, operative word being should, be coming to an end.   It will be time to catch up on all the things I let slide both at work and at home.   Most mornings I have tried to manage to carve out about 30 minutes to stitch.  It is like a drug people...admit it....we need our daily fix or something is missing or worse, we get out of sorts.  

My Stitching Friend is coming along.   I just crossed the halfway point.   This is the piece I take to work.......lunch at my desk means no stitching at lunchtime.   The little bits here and there and I will get this done.   

 Uncle Sam has seen so little of a needle with thread in my hands.   I only have his legs and shoes and he will be done.   I'd have to check but I may not even have put in any stitches since I last posted a pic!

I did further goofing off this past weekend with some shop hopping and lunch out with a girlfriend.   We always have a blast when we are together.  Here are a couple of oddities we came across.  First a kitchen wench (?) made of kitchen gadgets.
And then in an entirely different store, a man made out of ties.  More evidence that one person's trash is another persons treasure!

On Sunday I took my friend Roxanna to a concert by the DE Women's Choir.   Of course since I don't take pictures of people you will only see the beautiful stained glass windows of the church they performed in.  

There are four of these windows down each side of the church.   Each is an easy 15 foot tall.   Such a shame that what is showing white is actually green.

One of the same windows looking up from the windowsill.

 This is actually a real Tiffany window.   Imagine that.  In little old Salem County, NJ.  Roxanna enjoyed the concert and of course we have to do dinner out.   (She is 83 so it becomes a social event for her.)  The Delaware Women's Choir sang their repertoire for their upcoming tour to Austria.   It was a real treat.

I had the best weekend in a long time.  No work, just play.   Not that my quilting weekend was not great, but that involved driving and traffic and not sleeping in your own bed.  

Hopefully more stitching progress to share next time up.
Until next time....thanks for stopping by and have a great week in stitches.


Robin in Virginia said...

It sounds like you enjoyed your snow day and your weekend. What beautiful windows! Your new blog header gave me a smile; what a cutie.

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: First of all I have to say the header photo is just so sweet, what a cutie pie.
Your Sampler is lovely, I love Uncle Sam, I need to do a Patriotic stitch this year.
Love the Satin Glass photos so pretty, it is so sweet that you both were able to enjoy the Choir together.
I am not a quilter but someday I will give it a try.


diamondc said...

Robin: I forgot to say the kitchen wench is a hoot.


Lillie said...

What a wonderful way to spent snow days. I have to say the snow photos of the trees are very pretty. I don't get snow from where I am from. Too hot here. Beautiful WIP.