Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hot Mess

I am a hot crafting mess.    I started an EGA stitch-a-long this week only to decide that with the fibers I choose it was (no other word) yucky!  Out that came and back to square one with that project.

This is the restitched version.
I started my pre-stitch for a Betsy Morgan class I am taking later this month.  I used two strands of silk only to not like the bulky look so I frogged that too.  How those silk threads shred when you frog!   And I was trying to be extra careful as our instructions are to bring all the leftover thread to the class.   Ugh!      Thankfully I had only stitched the border and flowers on one half before I had the mind boggling revelation.  I hope to manage to get the pre-stitching done this weekend.

I have moved onto the next assignment in my FB SAL.......because I finished the first assignment ahead of time?   No, because I wanted to see what the next section was like.   Oh I am out of control for sure.  But I can say  the Assisi work is interesting.   There are two school of thought, stitch first and then outline or outline, then stitch.  As you can see, I am doing the outline first and it is making the stitching whiz along.
 I am exactly halfway across the top row.   Better get my needle in gear, stop straying from the assignment and get that first row done.

For my take along piece, I have managed to complete the left hand side of third section and should be turning the corner on that at stitching night this week.  
 It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that I have charged full steam ahead in yet another project!  Kind of no choice move on this one.   I am making a auction item for a friend's fundraiser for Brain Cancer and the event is next weekend.

Yes those are my squares for my mystery quilt.  And in the upper left corner are Rows 1 and 10 sewn and pressed and just waiting for Rows 2 through 9 to be stitched.  Say no more.   I am scattered.  Isn't admitting you have a problem half the battle?

At any rate, a co-worked and I bought a bunch of scratch off lottery tickets and I was tasked for how to make them/display them as an auction item.  I have promised to delivery my item Monday morning.   I grabbed some branches from the yard, some tissue paper and started.  I debated about using a glue gun but thought with my tendency to make a mess of late, floral tape was the better choice.   And besides doesn't everyone have a half dozen rolls of it just lying around?   I tore about two inch squares of yellow tissue paper and literally just scrunched them up and then taped the 'flowers' to the branches.

First time chalk painting.
 Nice use of a Moscato bottle.

Kind of doesn't look like much in the photo.   Think artsy, think whimsical, think impressionism.

Even though it is sparse, it actually kind of turned out how I envisioned it.   One point for me!

Although I should have been cleaning, closets need straightening and laundry needs to be put away.....    just call me Side Track Robin!  And remember that wall paper project?   Yeah, not seen any attention from me in weeks.    And that makes more points in the no column.    Before you know it, I will be distracted by the yard and gardens!  Ack!  But first  I think I will go back to my sewing room and clean my mess before I have to cook dinner and maybe earn a point on the achievement side.

Have a great week everyone.   Thanks for stopping by.   Keep on stitching.



Anonymous said...

I think your art project looks great - just like the forsythia in my yard. Just think of all the progress you'll make when you retire 😏


Robin in Virginia said...

I like your end result with the lottery tickets "tree". You are making good progress on your WIPs. Love your blog header!

diamondc said...

Great Idea for the lottery tickets Robin, very sweet.
Beautiful stitching on your on your Assisi piece.
Great projects you have going.


moosecraft said...

Love that display for the lottos! The branches look pretty (very Spring)! I'm also admiring that little table top quilt. :-)