Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bit of a mess

I seemed to have had a run of a week to ten days with not much stitching.  Once I did get stitching again, I didn't pick up my stitching on Corsica I should have.

Instead I put needle and thread to linen on my mon ami piece.   I know borders are necessary and often pretty but....I felt like I was not seeing any progress so I jumped to the motifs.   Each motif is so quick and so doable in a little bit of time.

It is nice to see progress.    I am hopeful this will be stitched and finished this year after many years in that WIP basket.

Oh I am out of order in so many ways......I signed up for, canceled and then signed up again for a Betsy Morgan class.   Oh the mess I am.   The piece is just too pretty, was my first thought.   My second thought was why sign up for yet another class to have yet another small or worse, yet another unfinished class piece.   Then, I waivered back to signing back up because I knew once I saw everyone else's project I would be sorry.   So there you have it.....I am a true waffler!

The pre-stitch was easy.....except when I was stitching along all gung-ho on the initials and I started to stitch an "m".....because that is what was charted and the initials of the designer.   Duh.    Amok, I run amok as random.  Class day was yesterday after my regular guild meeting.  The class consisted of a review of the kit contents, twisted cord making,  tassel making and the joining stitch Betsy prefers.   All instructions were reviewed and may tips and hints given.   We got to see a lot of Betsy's exclusive designs.  This morning  I finished the scissors fob complete with tassel made using Betsy's method.   I rewrapped the tassel because I thought my job yesterday was messy.

This is the rest of the kit.  A companion piece to the scissors fob.

Now back to my classwork. I layered my fob per instructions, first ironing on the interfacing, then inserting the skirtex and last pressing and tacking the mitered corners.

I need to work on my tension.   I do like the finishing stitch she used.   It is easy and very sturdy.   It doesn't take long to get into a rhythm.  I have spent years trying to make teeny tiny stitches that don't show but really do so I am all about just embracing the joining stitch that is this uniform.

I am going to hold fast to not start the class will be hard.....I have made a bargain with myself to not dare start until I have either finished the assigned Corsica River section or finish my Uncle Sam.  Really, I should make it both.   Getting my hands on Betsy's Virgin Queen will be my reward for the completions.  But I could get distract by making tassels.   They are fun, fast and easy.  

The weather has finally turned nice and a bit of yard work is calling me.  Slow and steady wins the race.  Thanks for stopping by and had a great week in stitches!


Robin in Virginia said...

What a lovely class piece you created, Robin! What thread did you use for the tassel? Enjoy the coming week.

Stasi said...

OMG--that photo of your grandson in the hat is precious!!!
Your pre-stitch turned out great--Betsy is the best teacher! I hope you enjoy the rest of the project.... as soon as you can reward yourself!

moosecraft said...

Great going on the fob! What is the linen you are using for mon ami? It looks like a dream to stitch on.
Absolutely LOVE the pic of your grand in your blog header! :-)

cucki said...

Wow I love pretty.
Love and smiles x

Lynn said...

You're making me feel like a slacker....... Maybe I'll do the fob next week!

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: Totally love your header photo so sweet.
I love your Corsica River, it is a lovely design, I am like you sometimes the border gets to repetitive for me, so on to other stitching.
I have had the pleasure of taking a Betsy Morgan class, she is an amazing teacher, your class project is beautiful, I love making tassels, yours is beautiful.
I have had trouble with finishing stitch, Betsy makes it look so easy.