Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Fourth of July, Part Two

I need to add a disclaimer.....we started on Friday and finished on Wednesday morning......we aren't that feverish to be able to turn out ALL that we did in just a normal weekend.  It was an extended weekend.

Also, my table top quilt is so far from perfect.   As we say, from the top of the bridge, my table topper may look alright.  I worry not.  Sharon at MoosecraftUSA , reminded me in a reply to a comment......I quilt for me.   It will never be in a competition.   My mistakes keep me humble and help me strive to be better.   As with every project I start - cross stitch, quilting or otherwise - it is my intention - the key word being intention, to complete the project without mistakes.   I sometimes get farther then other times.

So to that end.....a closer look at some of my corners on my quilt met

while others did not.  

Saturday night my son-in-law came in from outside to see what we were up to.   We had actually just stopped and we were all standing around the table.   He questioned,  "You broke crafting?" in the same disbelief and astonishment someone would say if you were to break the top secret code for launch missile sequences.    "No, Miki, we are only stopping to take a swim."   So fortunate he gets it.

Monday evening I left my daughters for some alone time without mom while I went out for a couple hours to visit friends that were visiting from out of town.  I was fearful of what my daughters might do.  Nothing bad but playful things.  Like putting confetti on the ceiling fan so when I turn it on it goes everywhere; or, putting balloons in the closets so I open the doors and out they fall; or setting the timer on my Amazon Alexa to go off at 3 a.m. playing the William Tell Overture; maybe short sheeting the see my reluctance was warranted.   I don't know where they get this from ((wink wink)) I came home and  all was quiet and dark.  Someone what in the shower but the other two were nowhere to be  seen.   I was waiting for someone to jump out at me........and then I saw it.......they made me a new ironing board cover.   You know how your's gets nasty from water spots, or you press iron-on interfacing on the wrong side?   Well this is something that I always forget to they made one.   Heather was given a stack of older flat sheets and was planning to sew PJ bottoms out of them.   They took the print I liked and made the cover for me.   It feels great to run your hands over the well worn cotton sheeting.  And I was thinking bad things.   How dare I.

Amy adding her binding and hand sewed one side in place before she headed out today.   I am sure she will curl up in a chair at home tonight and finish it.

My new take-a-long stitching piece is an oldie but goodie.   It is from a trip to the Longaberger headquarters in 2002 or 2003.   I thought it was cute and it was a complete kit with buttons, backing and ribbon included.   Yes, cringe, it is on Aida, but it is part of my 2017 challenge to complete some WIP's.   It is actually working up fast and the large count will be easy to work on at work.

It is my eldest's birthday tomorrow so we also celebrated that over this weekend.    I wrapped her presents in new tea towels with squirrels and gnomes.........she left it, so I wrapper up again as a bindle and will email a photo of it tomorrow at 5 a.m. when I get up.   Hmmmm, apple/tree....I am seeing a correlation.

So my house and craft room look like a tornado has been through them.   So thankful I was wise enough to take the day after off.....time to attack the mess and see what else was left here until next time.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!


Robin in Virginia said...

Enjoy your new ironing board cover; what a pretty print! I like your new take along project. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Susan said...

I want to borrow your daughters for a day or two! I'm sure they could find something to make for me. How nice of them to create the new cover for you.

moosecraft said...

lol! I took notes on those prank ideas... I may have to test some on the Mr.! :-) Very happy to hear you are enjoying quilting for you! It makes the hobby so much more enjoyable!
Lovely ironing board cover! To think they were perfect angels while you were away? ;-)

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: Happy Birthday to your Daughter.
Love the table quilt, I have seen some vintage and antique quilts that do not have perfect seems, so do not fret, it is your work and I for one think it is wonderful.
Love the daughters quilt, ice very nice.
Love the header photo so sweet.
I am like you 14 count but some designs look good on 14 count, this one is lovely.


Karyn said...

What an awesome weekend, Robin, with your kiddos. I love the iron board cover...somehow knowing that they took the time to make something that they knew you would love is the best. It's such pretty fabric, and using a sheet is such a great idea! Those girls are crafty and smart, wonder where they got that :)
Your quilt is beautiful and looks perfect to me. The rule of quilting in our family is...whatever you can't see when you stand back 3 feet stays...jus sayin' lol.
I love your cross stitch, I had no idea that Longaberger charts exist, and I love Longaberger baskets!
I can't wait to see it finished.