Sunday, October 22, 2017


First let me apologize for rambling on about my work woes......I have always felt when you have issues if you write about them you can visualize the troubles flowing down your arm, through your hand and off onto the paper.  Like the song lyrics....."letters I've written, never meaning to send..."  Well it must have work to blog about it because yesterday just got better as the day went along.

Hazardous waste (oil based paint, old pesticides, motor oil) was dropped off and the sorting continued.  I managed four boxes for the consignment store, three boxes for Goodwill and two boxes for trash.   My shed is ship-shape and the attic is getting purged one box at a time.  

I made a fabulous dinner......I am a casserole making and soup cooking Queen.  Love those hearty stick-to-your-ribs kind of meals.  My friend Lynn D.  (Hi!) told us about a Reuben Sandwich casserole when were were at our retreat.  Found a recipes on All Recipes  and it was EZ PZ to do, quick and delicious.  Bring on the GF rye bread and this will definitely be one of those make ahead meals for when family is in town.

Before the Penn State game came on last night, I did manage to put in my name on my stump work name tag.   I wrote my signature out, traced it onto the fabric and then couched the floss in place.  Even though I took the time to center it, it doesn't appear centered.  Hey, from the top of the bridge it passes muster!
Also was able to finally make some good progress on my Hands on Design tomato pin cushion.  Maybe I should continue to work on all things NOT Corsica River on the weekends.  I had great thoughts of getting this, the other smalls in this set as well as the box done before my class with Cathy in November but I am removing that pressure........let's be isn't going to happen.

Unfortunately I  never did make it into my craft room but that is today’s destination.  I am heading up there straight away.  Taking a good ole cuppa up with the, going to put on some music, open the windows and get on with it.  I need to replace a zipper in Mr. W.’s jacket that he has kind of mentioned it a couple of times but that will be only after I sort and put after some things away.   Hoping I don't get too lost when I am up there.

Have a great week all.   Thanks for stopping by.   And keep on stitching!


Robin in Virginia said...

That casserole looks good. I think your name tag looks pretty darn good. You have made good progress on the HOD piece. Enjoy your time in your craft room!

Stasi said...

Glad you've had some time to relax and's important!!!

moosecraft said...

Mmmmmm....Reubens are my favorite!!! :-)