Saturday, October 21, 2017

Unintended consequences

I may need to deduct 365 from my countdown.
It has been a difficult week at work.  The elimination of positions, although in the best interest of business, does leave everyone tense.  Not the least of which was the release of a close coworker.  She is such a champ and says things happen for a reason and she will be fine.  Still the tension is palatable.  

To break that tension I have been cleaning and purging....Monday night was the clean, sort and rearrange the medicine and linen closet in the bathroom.    Tuesday night was kitchen cabinets and expired cake mixes and canned goods.  The trash men did not think fondly of me come Thursday morning.

Wednesday night was attack the vegetable garden.   I had noticed holes in the leaves before OCMD Retreat.   I asked a gardening friend at work what was going on; she said slugs and to ring the plants with Epsom salt.   Well this is what I returned home from my retreat to find.   So sad....I was looking forward to home grown broccoli, Brussel sprouts and kale.   Guess I am not very good at vegetables.

These guys have a voracious appetite

For stitching, I am stumped!  Literally.   I am working on my first stump work piece.   I am finding it not as soothing of a release as cross stitch or blackwork. It seems a bit tedious to me.   My threads are shredding and my buttonholes are not consistent but it is a learning process.  I have all the parts done except for stitching in my name before our next monthly meeting when we will assemble this mess I have made.
Other stitching has me torn.... I am really enjoying working on Corsica River but it is leaving me no time for other things.  I am itching to start something new and small for some instant gratification.  But first up, I need to have a grand sort out of my craft room.   I couldn’t find the fabric that came with a kit to start the next small of that kit.  I pulled out everything and anything and looked and re-looked.  I hate wasting time searching for things. Everything in its place and a place for everything.    There are only a couple of places I put my needle work projects but the fabric was no where to be found.......only when I sat down at my EGA meeting and there it was in my project bag where I swear it wasn’t before.

Onto other mess.....I was loading the oil based paints, motor oil, pesticides, etc. from my Friday night attack of the shed to take to the semi annual hazardous waste drop off this morning......for whatever reason, I dropped a gallon of deck stain on the patio which reminded me of the night a little one ran into bathroom to get sick only to have the toilet lid down.  It wasn’t pretty.  Sorry to be so graphic but it is how my week has been going.  So out came the hose to wash it away.  Off came the new sweats to soak.  And I will now have to explain forever and a day why the grass does not grow there.  While trying to not contaminate the ground water with my old paint, I did exactly that.  Argh!

So, wrap me in bubble wrap today and be sure I will not venture far from home today....I don’t dare go on the bike ride I thought I would on this glorious unseasonably warm fall weather we are enjoying on the east coast.  Maybe finish the quilt binding but someone will have to tell Buddy to find another spot to snooze.   First I am upstairs to clean the attic area of the shed and hopefully have time to get lost in my craft room.  

The week has shown a lot accomplished by channeling nervous energy and frustration. Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!


Robin in Virginia said...

It sounds like you had an interesting week. I am sorry to hear about the tensions at work, but it seems to have helped you channel energy and clean and purge areas of your home. I hope you have a relaxing weekend.

Anonymous said...

Word on the street that the broccoli robbery was done by Cross striped cabbage worms, but you didn't hear that from me. Corsica is just stunning. And July 18, 2018 sounds pretty darn good. Great to see a pic of Buddy. Shirley

Marilyn said...

You've had a very busy and tense week!
Hope thing calm down for you and that you find something soothing to stitch.
Pretty kitty!

Stasi said...

Sorry things have been tense at work but it sounds like you know how to channel that tension and work through it. Hope thing calm down a bit now.....and you've had a very positive outcome...the purge!!!