Saturday, January 20, 2018

Camp WannaStitch

Last weekend I had the pleasure of going to OCMD for the third year in a row to this EGA event.   No teachers, no speakers, no marketplace....just a room full of 175 women 174 women and one man of the same mind, great lighting and three days to work on whatever you want.   Walking around the room and checking out what others were working on was like eye candy.    Such pretty stitching goingon!   Fortunately for us, there is Salty Yarns just a quick 15 minute ride through town.   Somehow when we checked out at Salty Yarns, I was the winner again.   I was thrilled to only spend $55 on fabric and floss a result of shopping my stash before the trip.  My travel companion only spent $5!  Geez.   This winning streak for me at the cash register needs to stop.   Oh well....

We sat with the same lovely ladies from Williamsburg that we met last year.   They saved us seats hoping we would be coming.   It was great to see them all and exchanges stories and updates.   This time we exchanged email addresses and took a group photo!    They were great and we have promised to look them up if ever in thinks Dyeing to Stitch in Virginia Beach is near Williaimsburg......hmmm.   That could be added to my bucket list of retreats to attend.

I made progress on Corsica River.    To look at it, it doesn't seem like much but I am further ahead of where I was.  I finished the blackwork row of cherubs and profiles.  

I am trying to get in as much blackwork as I can before I go bonkers doing it.   It will then be easy to go back and fill in the long armed cross without much thought.  Truth be told...there are equal amounts of back stitch as there are double running for the blackwork.   This section has more intricate Assisi designs and the blackwork is challenging in some places.  

I  also got a teeny tiny bit more done to Quaker Halloween.   It has been fun to introduce from other colors.

At this month's EGA meeting we were given a tiny surface embroidery piece to try.   Let me tell you, I have even more appreciation for this type of work then I did before.   It is very hard to be consistent with your stitches.   I think they are good when I am doing them.....then I look back and think . .... yuck!     We have a small tease of a project most months.  I sign up, I start the project and then it sits, unfinished,  somewhere.   I decided these are going to be the pieces I work at my Thursday stitching night.  They are small and should be easy enough to complete.   It's will be good to work them, learn something new and to get them done.   These small project are also very portable and it helps that I don't have to carry a whole bunch of stuff to a stitch on.

Our mantra is......from the top of the bridge, it looks good to me!

One last thing, I have been visited blogs and commenting but I discovered my comments are going through.  hmmm.  What's that about?   I used to be able to comment from my iPad but you know, you get an upgrade and it seems you lose something else.    My mind maybe.........OK off to do the things I 'have to'  before I settle in to some stitching time this afternoon.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!


Robin in Virginia said...

It sounds like you had a good time at Camp Wannastitch. Virginia Beach is about 45-60 minutes from Williamsburg; it depends on the season, the traffic, and the tunnel. I think you made good progress on your Corsica River piece. Enjoy your weekend!

Stasi said...

Great seeing you last weekend--sounds like you had a wonderful time!

butterfly said...

Very nice stitching .
Happy New Year.

Rachel said...

I wish I was brave enough to try surface embroidery, it's so beautiful, but not being able to count and measure my stitches makes me so nervous! In any event, you're doing a lovely job. I also love both of your cross stitch WIPs!