Sunday, January 7, 2018

Have to's versus Want to's

So the entire east coast is in the tundra.   19 degrees and sunny today could be considered a heat wave.   So with a snow day on Thursday and it too cold to be outside expect for the necessary shoveling I should have gotten a lot done.    Right?   Wrong......I became a slug.     I like to think it is a day we all need to have every now and again when you flit between reading, stitching, putzing about and really get not too much of any value completed.    That's not to say I get all the holiday decorations down and the winter ones up.   As well as all the shoveling, trash and recycling while Mr. W. was in Indianapolis for 6 days.   And I did manage to finally finish the summer/winter clothes switch out.  Leniency has been unseasonable warm.   And look how I arranged my tops and sweaters.    I saw this on some morning show when I was off for a week.   OMGosh, it makes perfect sense.   No messing everything up while you root around for what you want.  Now if I could just get better about saving things that I think I will fit into one day.

I admit to being distracted by a new indulgence.    Peaky Blinders on Netflix.   It is kind of a Boardwalk Empire meets Birmingham, England.    I admit to binge watching all four seasons (6 shows per season) starting on New Year's Eve day.  So much for a New Year's Resolution to not waste time better manage my time.

I did do a sort out of my stitching bag and stitching basket and all my project bags.    Look what I found.  Most in strengths that don't help me any more.

Resolutions Smechzalotions it what I usually say.    Always, the diet and fitness resolutions loom to the forefront for most of us.    I am not vowing to exercise more.   No. 1 I always end up with an injury; and No. 2 because of No. 1 I fall off the wagon and become disappointed in myself.   And then there is that wallpaper project that remains half completed.   Good thing it is the upstairs hallway and no one sees it.   Time to call in recruits on that job.   

All that denying, I would like to work on these self-improvement projects this year -
  • I think I would be better to try to work on allowing enough time to do things.   I am not showing up late or missing deadlines.  But I don't appreciate how long things take so sometimes it is down to the wire.   Take the yard for instance.....I believe I can whip it into shape in a couple of weekends once spring gets here.   ENRT!  (you are wrong buzzer noise).   We know it takes all sooner all the beds are ready for the season then we need to revisit and start the weekly maintenance to keep everything in check.
  • I need to finished what I start.  And this is not related to any craft project whatsoever.  THEY get the "Pass Go Free Card".   Here's an example.    I wash the clothes, I hang the clothes, I take them down and fold the clothes......and there they remain in the basket for the next week for me to dig through for my unmentionables all week long!   Wouldn't it just be easier to take that 4 minutes it would take to put things away right away?  Yes, but I am the original side-track person.  No worries, I have found the diagnosis - Aged Acquired Attention Deficit.
  • Do my "Have To's" before my "Want To's".     I am so bad at this.   Why do I not follow the simple edict I gave my kids growing up?   How nice those words taste with a little salt.    I all too often make my current craft project the "have to" item I need to get to.  I tell myself it is to relax and the need to get in more stitches and not fall behind.    Why do I not follow the advice I give my employees when they are faced with a task or even how I create a timeline when I am the Project Manager on an assignment?   
  • I am my own worst enemy expecting too much of myself.  I just need to accept I am not Wonder Woman, the rest will fall into place.  

All that admitted and out there for the world there is a good possibility none of it will change.  And that will be alright too.

Looking back over last year, I realize and admit how truly bless I am.  And not in priority order -  House/home, not rich but financially secure, children doing well in life and careers; husband who has integrity and has been a good provider;  great job; friends; travel; hobbies; health; retirement in the future (79 weeks but who's counting) and just generally happy.  

So enough of my baring my flaws and foibles, let's talk crafting.

Here is how far I have gotten with Quaker Halloween.  It has been sidelined for Corsica River.

Starting to introduce some other colors besides Blackbird and Black Coffee.

I did get some help when I was preparing my quilt 'sandwich' for one of the two quilts I am finishing up.   The entire house and Buddy needs to lay on top of my quilt back.

 Buddy out of the way and backing, batting and top sandwiched and I started my stitch in the ditch to quilt this.   This has been in the 'to be completed' pile for more years than I care to mention.  Glad to be able to soon take it off my backlog.
Back at Corsica River.......I really love this piece and enjoy working on it.   But.....and there is a but.   It is large.   Not complaining about the size of the pattern but I am having trouble finding a comfortable way to stitch this.   I just removed it from the scroll frame thinking it would be easier but I am not sure.    I felt pretty comfortable  I could keep the fabric clean when it was on the scroll frame.

 Now on q-snaps, I have used clips to keep the excess out of the way.

Getting close to finishing this portion of this row of blackwork.   Hopefully today.

 And with luck, maybe the rest of the row by Friday before Camp WannaStitch.  I will leave it off the scroll bars at least until after Camp WannaStitch.   I hope to be able to share real progress after a weekend dedicated to nothing but stitching.

To help with the excess fabric I adopted the use of an ace bandage around the edges like some friends use.  Check out Larene's progress on our FB page.   I think she may be ahead of schedule.   Seeing her work, makes me want to keep on going.

  In closing, another new thing for 2018.   I've become a tee totaler.   Not in the sense that I am abstaining from alcohol....don't be silly.   But during a sort out of the closet, I found I have half a thousand tea bags in half a hundred different boxes and tins.   Enjoying a cuppa and some of the best darned chocolate ever.   Thx SW!

 Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!


Stasi said...

Oh my Robin, you have a lot covered in this post. I hope all your "good intentions" work out for you;I'm not sure where all the time goes, but it sure does seem to fritter away just when you think you're on top of things.
Your projects all look great--hope to see you next weekend (glad it wasn't planned for this weekend). Enjoy your cuppa and chocolate...always a great combo!

Jennifer said...

I chuckled at the number of glasses you found. :D

Love your projects.

moosecraft said...

Mmmmm....I'm going to have to give that Lindt a try! :-) Your goals sound very reasonable and doable! I'm always amazed with how much time things take too...projects that I thought could be finished in a weekend sometimes take 6 months? lol! Happy New Year...and happy stitching!

Anonymous said...

What a great post. Corsica is just stunning.
The quilt looks wonderful.
Great to see that Buddy takes his job of Quality Assurance seriously.
Tea, chocolate, good read, stitching, quilting = fabulous start to the new year.
Have a wonderful stitching weekend.
Happy New Year.

diamondc said...

Robin: I am like you I do not make resolutions only to be disappointed in my self for breaking them.
Your Halloween Sampler is lovely, Corsica River is beautiful, I see other bloggers and love seeing what they are working on and it does inspire me to get things done.