Sunday, July 1, 2018

New Start

Kind of not much stitching going on for me.  I've totally lost my mojo for the Corsica River SAL.......However,  I did  manage a few stitches on a new I thought it would jump start the mojo or like because I just wanted matter.

But first up,  at the last EGA meeting before the summer break one of the members taught us how to make calorie free chocolates.    EZ-PZ and if you didn't add the beads, each can be done in under 15 minutes.    Pretty cool.     I see more of theses in my future
 More fake food I can torture my children with.

Oh Blogger why won't you cooperate and let the 'rotated' photo stay rotated?!

This is my new start.  I'm hoping that starting a new project will help me get back in the  groove.   This is Jarden Prive’ ABC de la Brodeuse.  I am stitching with the charted DMC floss on 27 count banding with one thread, over one thread.   I had wanted to convert the chart to a horizontal band rather than stitch it as charted vertically but just didn't have the mental energy to rechart it.   So it is stitched as charted.   Easy stitch and great sense of accomplishment when each motif is completed.  So easy to complete a word or flower even if you don't have a lot of time to stitch.

Lastly, I had ordered shelves back in May and finally got them put up.   I got this idea from an Open House at Patty Yergey's home in lower Delaware.   Patty Yergey is the designer for Samplers Revisited.  She has some original designs but also charts antique samplers.  She said she was tired of putting holes in the walls when she rearranged her samplers.    Great idea for me to change out the holiday stitches and no problem to rearrange items.

Thanks for stopping by.....and keep on stitching.


Robin in Virginia said...

Love the chocolates you created! No melting either! LOL I like your shelf with your patriotic/summer décor. Very clever! What a fun new start; very pretty banding! Robin, I love your new blog header. What a cutie he is!

Edgy38 said...

Nice job Robin. Love the shelf. And Will is just too cute!!

Stasi said...

Oh those chocolates are awful cute!!! Great start on the ABC piece-- i really enjoyed stitching that.
I like that shelf idea....may have to file that away for the future!

diamondc said...

Hi Robin: I have lost my mojo on occasion, when it comes back its back full force.
I like your new stitch and the needle minder is perfect.


Marilyn said...

Love the Jardin Prive, so cute.
Those shelves are nice, a great idea.
Have a great 4th!

moosecraft said...

The pic of your grandson in the blog header is sooooo darn cute! :-)
Thank you for sharing the shelf idea! It's perfect! Where did you order them from?