Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Hit and a Miss

It's too hot and hazy and just plain muggy to do anything outside and scattered showers are threatening.   So what's a gal to do?   How about consignment store shopping!   Look what I found......

I saw this piece sitting on the floor in one booth and was totally perplexed.   I thought, maybe a shoeshine kit?   I had no idea.   It is about 15 inches high and 12 inches wide with doors on both sides.  I went to pick it up and yikes!  I found out it swiveled.

 It is kind of funky and weird looking imagine how pleased I was when I opened it.
 OMGosh, some sort of sewing box.  What a hit!

I have some plans for changing out the knobs and painting it with chalk paint.  I bought the chalk paint at the same time and it cost more than this well made, solid wood thing-a-ma-gig!    I think it is a cool find.   As for my vision and when I actually execute it, well that's a whole other story.   It may take a long time for me to get around to this.

Also to stay out of the heat and general nasty 150% humidity, I have been doing some cleaning.   I went through half the kitchen cabinets tossing the outdate cake mixes (two kitchen trash cans full and half the cabinets still to do).  I've pulled furniture from the wall in the bedroom, family room living room to wipe down baseboards, washing windows, sweeping under chair now the drill.

Notice anything unusual?    Apparently neither did I for a a couple of weeks until I went to put away my Kreinik threads and thoughts.....where are the drawers?   Obviously I put it back in place backwards and didn't even notice it.   Geez, I am really observant aren't I? What a miss....

For stitching, I am enjoying this little piece.    I hope to finish it up this weekend and maybe even have time to pull fabric and finish/finish.

I am thinking I may put in tent stitches on what is the jar lid.

That's all I've got.   I see thunderstorms a'coming so I am off to my stitch chair.  Hope you all have a good week.   Stay cool, stay dry and keep on stitching.


Robin in Virginia said...

Robin, what a fabulous find in the box! Too funny about the drawer! You Sunshine stitch is looking good. Hope the storms aren't severe! Enjoy the rest of the weekend with your stitching.

Edgy38 said...

Love the post, Robin.

Marilyn said...

What a fabulous find!
I would've had no idea what it is.
UGH! It seems even too hot to all that work too!
I hope it cools down for you soon.
Love the Hands On piece.

Stasi said...

What a fabulous find--can't wait to see what you do with it--great possibilities!!! I have that same Martha Washington sewing stand from my grandmother: I use it as she did as a night stand.
You seem to be keeping busy despite the heat and go girl!!! Me...I droop!!!
Have a good one!