Monday, December 31, 2018

Closing the book ....

....on 2018 I am.   It was a year filled with highs and lows and decisions and I for one am ready to move forward into a shiny new year.

Before I share my recent stitching, I need to share my trip to visit my son and his family.  First, if my son had anything other than a Griswold Christmas we would all be in a suspended state waiting for the other shoe to fall.   It starts that he had to work and couldn't come home and he had a house full of in-laws instead for the holidays.   Someone, or perhaps the fridge itself, didn't shut tight on Christmas eve and they woke up to defrosted freezer and warm food.   But is gets better......time to put the turkey in the oven and their stove does not work.......not to  be discouraged, they are going to modify dinner and cook on the grill.......hmmmm, someone left the propane open and the tank was, you guessed it, Chinese Restaurant for dinner!   My son had the right attitude, the stove could be fixed and there was no point is getting upset and it wouldn't be long before Christmas 2018 became a Thompson legend.   Breakfast on the 26th was done on the grill and the hat on William just seals the whole Griswold adventure.

By the time I arrived, fridge issues were resolved, the in-laws gone, a new tank of propane was bought and a new ignitor was installed in the oven and there was nothing for me to do but enjoy my daughter-in-law's finally cooked delicious Christmas dinner and enjoy my son and his family and a bit of wassail!  And boy did I enjoy my little Willam opening his Christmas presents.

Of course, Damma buys the bests presents.   He loved his little tee-pee I got and even slept in it that night.

Before I left for my son's on the 28th, I tried my hand at something different........and as always, there's a story.    I saw this pattern at quilt show years ago, long before the red 50's truck was popular.   Every year I went back I looked for the pattern.   I searched the internet for the pattern but none were the one I remember.    Imagine my surprise and embarrassment when searching through my quilting fabric I find it all kitted up!   The embarrassment came when I told my daughters to stop looking for the pattern because I  had found it.....conversation goes, "Wow, what store/site did you find it?" ..... I reply. ", in my stash".....silence and then "just more evidence for us give to the home when we check you in"......children!   On to the stitching...

I didn't quite like the plainness of the truck and tree so I got out my box of 64 Crayola crayons.    I shaded the truck and then using paper towels, I ironed and melt/set the wax.

I did a section of wrapped backstitch but I pulled them out because I liked the more primitive look without it.

 Since I changed the color of the truck, I think I will have to change the color of the coordinating greens.  It was fun to stitch and quick....only two how long it takes for me to assemble it is a whole other story.

I also stitched these cuties up.  Hard to believe that I finally made Christmas ornaments for myself!   Hopefully there are more ornaments in my future.
 I think the red bird may need an eye added.

 And here is my progress on my EGA Challenge piece......not so much stitching on it but I think I can make progress before my January EGA meeting.
 I just love the colors and think the tassle is too cute!

 So that's where I am project-wise.  2019 holds more stitching in my future.   I will be heading to Cape WannaStitch in mid-January and have a few other stitching related events on my calendar for 2019.   It's going to be a good year!

Wishing all my friends and fellow stitchers a bright and happy New Year.

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