Sunday, August 25, 2019

Adventure Weekend

First up, I've got a William story to share.   Out of the mouths of babes.....You know how you try to tell young parents to be careful with what they say?  How little ones are parrots and repeat what they hear?  

Riding in the truck with his dad and mom....
Will - Daddy I want to go to the ice cream store. (Which is the Penn State Creamery on campus)
Dad - Willy, we have to go to Wegmans and get stuff for dinner.
Will - Mommy, I want to go to the ice cream store.
Mom - Willy, no, daddy said we have to go to Wegmans.  Maybe another day.
Will - (Silence)
Mom and Dad are satisfied he has accepted no ice cream store.
Willy - Daddy
Dad - Yes Willy
Will - Daddy, you guys are bitches.   

After dad and mom managed to stifle the laughter and dad managed not to drive off the rode......bad words were explained to a three year old.  Damma decided on her recent visit  to try as she might, to call everyone silly gooses hoping we can avoid washing any one's mouth out with soap (do parents still do that) and that we do not offend the bird lovers of PETA by calling geese silly.  

This trip to State College, I may have been the silly was move-in weekend at Penn State.   The tiny town of State College swells by 70,000 students and their parents.    The 4 hour drive took 5 hours.   There is a section of two lane road through the mountain that everyone has to pass through to get into Happy Valley.    I couldn't get my usual room at the Marriott and stayed with my son and D-in-L and I got to camp.

This is my bed!  I got to sleep in Mr. William's tent.  OMGosh, what Damma's will do for grand kids.

Always with my son and D-in-L we do something outside.   Friday, after I arrived and we picked up my D-in-L from work, swung by the creamery and bought 3 half-gallons of ice cream which we had packed in dry ice to save for later and we went hiking.    Not hiking as I think of hiking on a relatively  flat surface through a meadow.   No, we climbed Indian Overlook.   Narrow trails and an elevation of about 1,000 above our starting point.     The view was awesome once we made it to the top.    I readily admit to frequent rest stops along the way but I made it.    

 These were taken literally seconds apart from the same spot......I must have applied a filter to one.

After a nice dinner and several adult beverages for me at their favorite tavern, we were treated to a beautiful sunset across the valley on the ride home.

Of course boys will be boys and they had fun filling the kitchen with fog from the dry ice which of course got a 3 year old all wound up and squealing.

Saturday we awoke to a beautiful day and ANOTHER mountain to climb.   Mt. Nittany trail was only  an 800 feet in elevation climb but equally as challenging to me!  But again I made it.   And surprisingly I didn't awake either following morning with any soreness.   Especially surprising when the extent of my physicality is pulling weeds or rolling an office chair around the floor.  (Speaking of which, my boss is starting to warm up  the pressure for me to stay after January 10th.   He is not to the full court press yet, but I imagine by Thanksgiving, that will happen.)   

Mt. Nittany, looming ahead.

This is what my son classifies as not too steep and a nice trail.    Either he is off his rocker in concepts or I am for climbing!  I employed the use of a walking stick on both climbs which proved very helpful.

The view over the valley was beautiful.

Not long back in the car and the Willie Man was out for the count.

 One last trip up and down the road on his balance bike and Damma had to head home.

And if you have managed to stick with me through the family diary, there is some stitching albeit paltry.

As for stitching, I did not get much done this past week.   Also part of why I like to stay at the Marriott......some late night relaxing and stitching after returning to my room.    I am chugging along with my Santa.   He is really going fast......that is when I put needle and thread together.    I save work on the jacket for needlework night since I don't have to count which makes it easier with all the chatter between us.

I started this Snow Belle from Lizzie Kate for November class exchange piece.  The theme is winter ornament so the Snow Belle works and it is all from stash.   That is always a plus.  I am not sure how I will finish her but I have to get her stitched first!

Thanks for stopping by, next time, more stitching and less family to report on.    Keep on stitching.

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