May 26, 2023

May Days

Wow, three posts in one week.   Trust me, it is not going to be the norm going forward.   I just had a lot to share this month.  May has treated us to a lot of beautiful weather making breakfast, lunch and dinner outside a daily occurrence.  All the flower beds are in order, except of course, for my long term Back 40 project.   I planted some summer blooming bulbs and now will wait until they grow and pop with color.  I am to the point I only need to do about a twice weekly walk-around to keep the beds tidy.   Let’s hope I don’t slip up.  

Even though we had a warm spring, I waited until Mother’s Day to get in my seasonal potted plants, put out my hanging baskets and get my veggies in.   I’ve done geraniums for years but changed it up to Gerber Daises this year.   I am doing fewer pots than usual.  Not to worry, I have other ‘outside’ things to take the place of the weeding and potted plants.  I still haven’t pulled out the power washer for the deck and patio furniture, heck, I haven’t even pulled out the furniture yet.   Maybe this weekend… will be a quiet one for me as everyone will be busy with their barbecues.  

With the decision not to replace our above ground pool we have been going back and forth on enlarging the existing deck.   I don’t have the energy to argue with what Mr. W. wants so I will just let him roll with his idea.   To my mind it will be the size of a helicopter pad…….well at least I can comfort myself with buying furniture and ‘stuff’ for the humongous deck.  Estimates in and it is a go.  I might have to pull out some more pots to plant for the heli-pad.  

May WIPGO was another great success.    You know the WIPGO rules - Your Board/Your Rules.   It happened that two different samplers were called in one month.   One with the assignment to complete a page of the pattern and the other to stitch for 15 days on it.   I made an executive decision to rearrange the board and make both numbers called to be the same sampler.     I completed two partial pattern pages and I am very close to completing a third pattern pages.  


I just need to stitch to the pin to have completed 3 pattern pages.   I got this!

I am very pleased with how much I got done so far with WIPGO.  I do however need to take a hard look at my board for the remainder of the year.  Although thrilled with my progress, I am not decreasing the PHD’s - Projects Half Done.   

Upcoming are personalizing this perpetual calendar and starting Rosewood Manor’s Barnwood Buttons.   No offense to Thomas Kincaid but I plan to personalize the plaques with my last name and initial.

  I’ve got some ideas  for this once it is finished! 

Barnwood Buttons have been a favorite since it first came out.   I am changing up the linen color to this coffee stained blue and I am using DMC floche instead in B5200.  As we all hate stitching with white I have been wanting to try this alternative to regular DMC or even WDW Whitewash of Grits.   And you can see I have my buttons all lined up and ready to go!


I did manage a finish on this Plum Street Design.   It is called “Goodbye Fall”.  I think I will be finishing it as a pillow.   It called for snowflakes and the wording - “Goodbye Fall” but I wanted a more fall than a going into into winter vibe.

So that sums up my May.   As always, thanks for stopping by and……..keep on stitching.  


  1. Wow! That's going to be a huge deck!
    Great progress on the Rosewood Manor piece, & Barnwood Buttons will be so pretty on that blue fabric.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. That’s going to be some deck. Are you covering it? I see new furniture on the horizon!!

  3. Beautiful fall finish, Robin! I look forward to your start on Barnwood Buttons. I love your blue fabric; it is beautiful. But then, I am partial to blue. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on the floche! I am looking forward to seeing your new deck. Have a relaxing weekend!

  4. I love this blog header.
    Furniture and 'stuff' for the new deck, oh what fun.
    I think that Cornwall Cottage may just be my next start, maybe.
    Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the perpetual calendar.


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