Saturday, February 6, 2010


This is what my neighborhood looks like!!!  First my back yard last night when the snow started.  I love the lights from my fish pond through the snow.   My poor little frozen goldfish!

I took photos again from approximately the same spots 16 hours later.  It is so awesome!  There is no sign of it letting up.   I feel like I have landed in a snowglobe!  I just love how quiet it is outside.   I think a hot cup of tea on sitting on my front porch may be called for......oops!  haven't shoveled the front porch yet. 
I wonder what the lights through the snow will look like tonight!

Maybe no tea in my rocker but.........stitchie progress.....On this, my final side.....I changed the birds to more resemble "robin's" and instead of the verse, I am stitching my husband and my initials and our wedding date.  I can see the end in site.    Although this has been a major undertaking for my stitching schedule, I have enjoyed the project.   Next weekend at our monthly guild meeting, one of the ladies is giving instructions on I have no choice but to finish up this week.

And now true confessions.....terrorist me (as Mr. Wonderful so often calls me) has let the kitty out in the blizzard!  Not on purpose.   Baby-Kat pounded out the slider when I opened it to take more snowtographs.  People need to not call the need to understand that Baby-Kat is Mr. Wonderful's shadow and was freaking to be outside with him in his man-cave!    Baby-Kat will be fine!!!


Anna van Schurman said...

Are these from last night? Because how come there's so little snow? We're at 20" thus far.

Barbi said...

YES! that's exactly it. I love the sound of the world when I wake up to snow in the morning, so quiet and peaceful. There's a magical hush in the air.

Catherine said...

We may get all paths and the driveway shoveled in time for the mid-week storm!

Meari said...

Pretty stitchin :)