Monday, June 7, 2010

Time is running out......

Just a reminder that some deadlines are fast approaching.   Please check out my "Call it what you will" giveaway and check out my WIP challenge.   I haven't decided what the prize will be yet for the WIP challenge but I do have a trip to a LNS tomorrow at lunchtime.  I have to pick up some Mill Hill beads so I just might look around.  And I think since everyone is so busy......just be honest ladies and let us know you are ATTEMPTING a finish or attack to the WIP pile at minimum. 

And on the heels of these two, stayed tuned for another give-a-way.    I kind of have to do the third one.   Last year I was lucky enough to receive a Pay-It-Forward. (I think it was from Meari - I have to look it up....oh shame on me!)  I put the challenge out there and had but one taker.   The thing is with PIF you are to PIF to 3 to 5 items to 3 to 5 people.   I think it was the whole economy thing and the time of the year - fall - when everyone was getting ready for the holidays and folks just not having the extra $$$'s. I put a hold on the give-a-way until spring.   But see, of course the highly OCD me,  went out and bought 3 patterns, 3 tablets, sets of 3 flosses, 3 thread cutters so I figure I am kind of obligated to have the give-a-way.   I mean I like JBW Deisngs but the same one/3 times.  Oops! giving away a teaser there.  Some of you guys are such quick and fabulous stitchers that you STITCH things to give-a-way.   I can't even get my own stuff stitched let alone stitch give-a-ways.  lol   It is the whole Crafters ADD I believe I have.......not sold on that excuse......wait til I post the pix of the quilt I started this weekend before you put any money down.   So in a way, I will be paying it forward just with a twist via a for my PIF at the end of the summer.   

And now thoughts of what to get tomorrow.................hmmmmm


Mel said...

Enjoy your LNS trip!

Julie M said...

"And now thoughts of what to get tomorrow.................hmmmmm"

I vote for one of everything!