Saturday, November 3, 2012

Five minutes to spare

Spent the day cleaning or tried to.   Mr. W. bought a new toy and as per usual I needed to show some interest.   I know,  I'm just nasty.   He purchased Apple TV and I am not sure how it works.   It connects your computer to your TV for infinite electronic possibilities.  I just want to be able to watch my Dancing with the Stars and my recording of The Good Wife and Blue Bloods with an occasional SVU episode.  Obvious I don't like change?

On to the cleaning part of my day.....Thanksgiving is at my house and I am hosting two holiday events between Thanksgiving and Dec. 12th so I thought I'd get a head start on the cleaning.  It is incredible the amount of stuff you accumulate in the wrong place.  I mean really how many wooden spoons, or Magic Bullet mugs or how many travel coffee mugs does a person need?  Only so many fit in that appliance barn.  Time to declutter and start a box for Goodwill or at least put them somewhere else.  I don't have a large kitchen or a pantry so things end up in my hoosier cabinet in the living room.

I removed everything from the walls in both the bathroom and the kitchen and washed the walls and floors and everything in between.  It is amazing the spills you find on the kitchen cabinet when you change your perspective and sit on the floor and wash them.    You think you got that tomato sauce or that cake batter that splashed....but oh no, come join me on the floor and take a look from a different perspective.  So now, my kitchen walls and cabinets are scrubbed, bathroom walls scrubbed...... two rooms down and several more to go! 
Made some potato soup with ham today and some cheese biscuits.   Just the ticket after a damp day.

A preview of my progress on A Little Quakeresque.     Hope to gather all my work for the month in a post tomorrow for my October WIPocolypse posting.  

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Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

always feels good to get rid of clutter, dosnt it? your stitching looks pretty.