Sunday, November 4, 2012

WIPocalypse Posting for October 2012

Wow!  I surprise myself.   I looked back at what I have completed in October and was surprised.  Sorry for the repetition for regular followers.   I need to post for the WIPocalypse challenge I am participating in.  Here is a collection of some of the things I finished in October.

Start of October and end of October on my spooky trio.  I am encouraged to finally tackle stitching some Christmas Ornies.   These were so fast and easy to finish.

Start of October, mid-October and end of October on my trellis yard re-do.   The start was the shawl I wore to my son's wedding.    I unraveled it and started anew on a vest that I will wear a black tank under.  I have started and frogged this several times on vacation.   I think I need to pull out different needles. 

Start of October and end of October on Rozio scarf.   It is missing from the group shot above.....I don't know where I put it.    Hmmm, those words I used to rant at my children...."if you put it where it belonged"....are running through my head.

Before and after for my EGA name tag.
Not tons of progress here on Random Thoughts by Drawn Thread but I managed to get to a good stopping point which was my objective. This and Quakeresque are the two projects I want to concentrate my efforts. 

Assembling the 15-sided blackwork biscournu.  

And all done.  Remember, me the over-achiever now has to teach the finishing class to guild because I finished early.   Drat!

Started and finished in October 2012 and will re-do to make less lumpy at a later date.  

Started in September and finished in October.

Started in October and status so far. With holidays approaching, this will probably get put aside until next summer.  Although this type of stitching needs little light and little concentration.  Maybe I need to find something similar in a Christmas theme.

And the one I am happiest about.   I finally am able to see some progress being made.   I started to stitch this with q-snaps and the work is flying by.  Seven motifs and the corner stitching completed.   That is more progress in one month that I think all the rest of 2012!  My goal this month is to complete that last one under my needle minder and the six octogons to the right of the '2' and the poinsettia at the bottom.   I have thrown the gauntlet down, let's see if I meed the challenge.   
See what I mean!  I very productive month.


cucki said...

wow all your wip's and finishes are so lovely..
hugs cucki xx

Bev said...

wow you got loads done this month, i hardly did any too busy decorating , that i hardly did any, hope you have another productive month this month!

Chris said...

So many beautiful projects! You did get a lot done!

Catherine said...

Eye candy!! Congrats on a great month!