Sunday, July 12, 2015

Enjoying the view

Hi folks.....been a couple of weeks..... bear with me as I recount my comings and goings and doings....

I had to get a new windshield......nasty rock kicked up by a truck.   The claims rep. wanted to know if I got the tag and name of the driver.....ummmm, at 65 mph on the, I didn't.  Maybe next time.

This is my view most weekends and evenings and I am enjoying the results of my labors for sure.   Now let's not look too close for I could spend a bit of time pulling a weed here or there.  But I am mellowing and finding that the need to have every blade of grass and every ounce of mulch pristine is over-rated and not noticed by anyone but me.

Don't mind the scratched up post.   It is Buddy's scratching place.   Better than the furniture!
Fern really coming back better than before since being repotted.  
Deck planters are filling out and in full bloom.

View from inside the pool.  Weekends can be rough!
Color, color, color

I got my hair cut cut cut.   I had managed to get it all one length and down to my shoulders.  But BAM!  my hair is so thick and it was so hot.   I miss how nice if felt to run my fingers through how soft and silky it was.   My new cut requires 'products' so I don't have that silky feel anymore.   My ideal cut would be cute, short and gray like Jamie Lee Curtis but lets just say we don't share the same bone structure and leave it at that.

Birthday Girl Photo Bombs when I take a pix of Tessa.
Enjoyed a great 4th of July as we celebrated a big birthday for my eldest daughter.  My normal 4th is usually just me enjoying the pool but not this year.   My daughter invited four-score and 6 friends to a picnic in Thompson Park for her birthday!  We were so busy with ladder golf and bocce and water balloon tosses  and sidewalk chalk and smores that I didn't take but a half dozen pictures.   Good food, music and great fun.

Griffin didn't want to wait until dad Martin moved through the food line so he grabbed a fork and just dug in.

I didn't manage to finish up the Red-White-Blue Pine Mountain piece but I am close.   Maybe by the end of the day today.    

Of course a finish is not the only thing that dictates a new start....I suddenly realized I didn't have one finish for 2015.   This is what happens when you are working on a SAL and a BAP!   So I got a bit antsy and needed a little something something for that instant gratification.

I started ANOTHER small project.   This is a square-ology design from Hands On Design.  

It's a neat concept.   One design.....stitch and rotate 90 degrees and stitch again.

For my SAL, I should have completed this row for this month's meeting but alas, I strayed.   No worries, I plan to be back on track by August.

I haven't even touched Cornwall Cottage from Rosewood Manor!  But I am sure it will be waiting on the stand when I am ready to get back to it.

Yesterday I watched a Mama Robin feed her babies.  I fear feathers or fur are going to fly before these little ones leave the nest.   Yes, Buddy, is in endless pursuit.   He has been swooped upon more than once.
 Buddy is cowering under the bench right about now.

 Going to harvest some kale and try my hand at making kale chips.  

Absolutely have to have prism reflections on the bottom of the pool.

Taking my cue from the garden gnome! 

 Enjoy your day and week wherever it takes you and whatever it brings your way.


Robin said...

What a fun update to read this morning! Your blooms look fabulous, Robin. I like your current stitching projects. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Lillie said...

Great photos of your garden and the wonderful day you had.
WIP looking good there.

diamondc said...

Griffins tummy is so cute, love the garden gnome, he is adorable.
Your stitching choices are wonderful.
I love the 4th so many things going on and fireworks.
I hope the robins survive.


Anna van Schurman said...

Would love to hear about your kale chips. A couple of years ago our farm share was overproducing kale and people were raving about them. Not for us! It does look like you are having a fun and festive summer.