Saturday, July 18, 2015

Them There Are Fighting Words

 Last year everything was moved out of the living room....this year everything is in the living room!
Of course I am at it again......Mr. W. is away so I am in construction mode.   I am having some damage fixed from a leak in the roof and my dining room painted....which is the room where the leak was (fingers crossed it is fixed)  Anyway my friendly small job contractor, who I have known forever, came by to go over 'my list' so he can give me an estimate.   Along with painting the dining room, I  ask him for an estimate paint my front door and shutters.   So here's what he and his buddy say to me.......

Little Buddy - "You can save a couple of bucks if take the shutters off and power wash them yourself."
My soon to be ex-friend says "Oh Lord if we have to wait for her to get around to it, we will never paint the shutters.  Besides she won't mark them and we won't know which window they go back on."

I believe this is about the time he saw the look on my face and he tells his little buddy .........this is one busy lady and she has so much going on.....really?   Schmuck!  Too bad he does all the jobs too small for the regular contractor and does nice work at a good price.   Might be a good idea to work on his customer service skills!

Well the worse thing you can say to me is to tell me I can't accomplish something because I am going to go down trying.   What do guys think?   That women sit around and eat bon-bons all day?   That I am afraid to grab a screwdriver and climb the ladder for fear of breaking a nail?  Maybe I am understanding why Mr. M. has a couple of ex-wives......hmmmm, makes you wonder.   I may have lost some of my stream over the years but I still have enough to empty a room and to remove shutters!  So less than 24 hours later, the dining room is emptied except for the antique china closet which I concede I cannot do alone.   The curtains, curtain rods, blinds and all the outlet covers have been removed. 

This morning I am out the door to grab the ladder and take all the shutters down, which will be labeled for rehanging.   Probably all of this before Mr. Murphy gets back to me with an estimate!   Wow little old helpless me did all that, meet friends for dinner, attended a cookout, worked fulltime and even have a needlework finish to share.   Men!   They sure can't multi-task.    I kind of left him a voicemail to the effect that  the house is prepped and I am the one waiting on him.  Oops!  He'd better be the one to hurry now so this can be done and the room restored before it is my turn to host needlework!

Here's my finish for this week.  I may have missed the 4th but as least this didn't end up in the WIP basket and I have a head start on next year.

This is Pine Mountain's Liberty Typography.   Everything you need but the pillow form in the kit.   I may need to re-do the pennants.   I stitched one of these previously and the pennants were felt.   These are wool and even though I used iron on interfacing, these little pieces wanted to shred as they were stitched.

  Happy week to everyone!  Stitch on!


Robin said...

Good for you, Robin! I was wondering what your summer project was going to be while Mr. W was away. Your Pine Mountain pillow is adorable. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Robin in Virginia

Danielle said...

Great pillow finish!! I feel your pain about your "friend." Comments like that make me go grrrrr.

butterfly said...

Wonderful pillow, hope the damage is fixed soon.

Ma, Herself said...

Love your pillow, Robin, and the finish is perfect :)
I hate getting estimates just for that reason, and I always feel like the price goes up as soon as they see a woman...schmuck indeed!
Good for you for forging him who's boss! Can't wait to heat how it all turns out...just please be careful on that ladder :)
Have a great weekend

Edgy38 said...

Can't see the fraying from the bridge!! Or in the picture for that matter. Came out really cute.
That contractor obviously did not know who he was dealing with!!!

Melody said...

Wow. Can't believe he made the comments in front of you... Well you showed him! Your stitching is great too.

blue star stitcher said...

I love the little penants, cute finish!

diamondc said...

Beautiful pillow nice finish.


Weronika said...

Great that you showed him who is the boss here! Good work with removing the stuff! Great finish Robin! Your pillow is amazing!