Sunday, September 9, 2018

Maintaining is better than playing catch up.

Boy a little self-reflection and I have identified what is causing me to feel so overwhelmed lately.   Ever have something you need to do but don't want to do?   Does that thing (or things!) grow and keep overshadowing you?   Does it seem impossible to tackle so you just keep not addressing it.   And finally when you do, you realize that wasn't so bad and then you actually start to feel better.   Wow, I bet I am not alone.  I have been so overwhelmed with work on my brother's estate that I just keep putting everything on the corner of my desk. Couple that with all the paperwork my financial planner is asking for putting my finances in order for retirement and I just kind have been turning a blind eye and hibernating to avoid both of these tasks.

No more, as least estate-wise.  I had everything but it was just in a pile.  I put in the necessary hours this past week and got everything caught up, created several excel files to document everything, created folders for hard copy files of the receipts, correspondence, etc. and created my to-do list of letters and additional notifications I found need to make.   Whew.....feels good now that I did attack the mess and that invisible weight on my shoulders lifted.   It is far easier to maintain once everything is in order.   And I know this....this is always been my mantra.....I have eaten those words I used with my children about taking care of their rooms.   But enough of that.

 This was my view Wednesday night.   7:30 pm and 90 degrees

Today, sweats and raindrops on my pool (and camera lens)
We have gone from extreme, and I mean extreme,  heat and humidity in the mid-Atlantic region to rain-rain-rain.  This means my flower beds are suffering.   Already overgrown with crab-grass and now pouring rain for the next 6 days means they may never get groomed this season!   I so look forward to retirement and spending a half hour a day to maintain the beds instead of all weekend long playing catch up.   (311 days but who is counting)  I guess it is time to think about ordering some spring bulbs and getting them in now, between the rain.

So much rain, my pond is overflowing.

So for stitching, I finished the second of four Halloween ornaments and started the third.   I knew these would be quick if I just put the time in.   I need to get these stitched so I can figure out how I want to finish and then attack Halloween Quaker that is 80% done.   It's time to get back to that one.

I bet I can know her out this week.

OK, I am off to attack the day starting with to finish putting up the fall decorations and a good chance there will be some stitching while listening to the rainfall.

Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!


Robin in Virginia said...

Robin, you are so right about the doing and being overwhelmed. You aren't alone. Your Halloween stitches are cute. What fabric are you using for them? It is a pretty colored fabric.

Daffycat said...

I think you can be forgiven for putting off the estate work. That stuff is wrapped up in memories and emotions and can be difficult for anyone to tackle!

Love your Halloween ornaments! The fabric you are stitching them on is so fun!

Marilyn said...

Handling an estate is very stressful.
We've had torrential rains here also, for about a week.
This past week has been better though, sunny & in the 70's, perfect!
Your Halloween ornaments are too cute!

moosecraft said...

I hear ya'! Sometimes worrying about stuff wears you out more than actually doing it...been there...and I'm still learning! :-)
I'm enjoying this cooler weather! Yes...a bit too much rain...but, the cool gray days almost give a person permission to slow down and relax a bit. After a busy Summer...I do appreciate Fall.
Lovely Halloween ornies! Looking forward to seeing what's in the Halloween Cross Stitch Mag too... happy stitching! :-)

Carol said...

First of all, that photo of your little grandson is just the cutest! Nothing like a barefoot little guy eating a popsicle on a hot summer's day :)

I can only imagine how overwhelming it must to deal with your brother's estate...

Love your Halloween pieces :)

Horrible rains and flooding here in Pittsburgh, too--we had over 7" over the weekend. Crazy, but I'm thankful our basement was okay this time. Sure hope this next Hurricane doesn't give you too much more rain over your way...