Sunday, July 14, 2019


After a 5-day weekend with my daughter's and intense stitching time, it is time to mellow out.    Not that it was not mellow and the best time with my is just back to reality this week.  As you can see, we were mellow with our wine sippy cups and our unicorn floating drink holders.

First, I want to go back to my last post and when  I told you about the historic Salem Oak tree that fell over.   This is a clever, well thought out obituary that a local gal wrote and submitted to the Philadelphia Inquirer.   It is very well written and gives one pause for thought.

So what did we girls do last weekend......
I did finishing of several patriotic ornaments.    

They are from several designers.    Heart in Hand, a souvenir from Williamsburg, With Thy Needle and Thread.

I also finished off this from my Basket 'o Shame of Unfinished Finishes.  (Staci I will email you about the edges! I haven't forgotten)

I cut out 80 1 and 1/2 inch strips of fabric for a new quilt

And isn't it pretty when all your seams are pressed the same way?   I managed to get all the strips pieced and cut into squares.    I need to square them up and then I can start the piecing process.   

Heather gave me a really good idea for the layout.   She said to arrange all the pieces, then photograph in black and white.   I will then be able to better see the color values and more blocks around to a better arrangement.
The inner border, outer border and bidding are at the bottom of the photo.

I also stitched up this project bag for a friend.   It was a thank you for all the stash she has been passing to me as she is downsizing.   Somehow the orientation got turned around and I disavow any knowledge that mimosa's were had on this morning of stitching.  

I worked on my Hooray for the Red White and Blue and even came up with a fantastic frame weight.  

Here is how far I have gotten by week's end........I am enjoying this stitch but I am ready to be done if you know what I mean.  I'm getting there.

Heather and Amy each accomplished a lot but silly me didn't take photos of everything.  Heather managed two dresses and one top (or maybe the other way around) and a pin cushion.   Amy made two dresses, finished all the blocks for a quilt top and made an awesome weekender bag that rivals Vera Bradley.
Heather's pin cushion

Complete with a strap to put over your luggage handle.

For me to wind down this week, I pulled out a quilt top I finished several years ago.   Since all the necessary 'equipment' was already set up in the dining room, I quilted this up and am left to hand stitch the binding.

Can you tell I am just in love with the colors and how this turned out?    No way near flawless but I am thrilled to have it done.

Had this framed at Michael's and love how the frame compliments the stitching.  Even more so in person.

And had this framed at new framer's this week.   It is ABCD from La-D-Da.

Well, that's all I've got folks.    Time for me to lounge by the pool and swing in my egg chair and maybe take a little nippy nap between stitches.    Thanks for stopping by and keep on stitching!


Stasi said...

That's a whole lotta accomplishments by the three of you--congrats!!! Nice job all around!

Robin in Virginia said...

You and your daughters accomplished quite a bit during your girls' time together. Your quilt is gorgeous and I love it displayed on your porch for its photo opportunity. Well done on the frame moldings for your pieces! Thanks for sharing!

moosecraft said...

Sounds like a fun time with your girls! :-) That weekender bag is awesome....and LOVE that RWB quilt! Congrats on progress and finishes!

Susan said...

Great finishes! But that’s an expensive frame weight....

Karyn said...

What a great job on many projects, they are all beautiful! I like your clever frame weight, btw, and love how resourceful we all can be when it comes to our stitching needs ;)
Sounds like a fun filled visit with the girls, and you all enjoyed being together and sharing in your are the best, but they can wear ya out no matter how much you love having them, or how grown they are.
Your quilt is amazing and especially displayed on your porch. Your bag is gorgeous and I agree, easily rivals Vera :)
Thanks for the pics!
Have a great week

Lynn said...

Wow! You all accomplished a lot! Thanks for sharing.

Marilyn said...

Looks like you all got a lot done!
All of your Patriotic stitching turned out pretty.
Love that blue frame!

Anonymous said...

Amy's bag is beyond Vera, just beautiful.
Pics of the quilt display on the porch are great.
Love the framed pieces. Great frame choices.
Another great weekend for the three of you.

Donna G. said...

Beautiful quilt!